Social Media Marketing & Website Development

Position Code: CDGBS02

Company Introduction:

This internship host is an International & Multichannel service provider registered in Paris with technology partners in Europe, Middle East, North and South America. The company is led by entrepreneurs with a background and passion for digital & export.

They strive to deliver the best digital export services with a multichannel approach by combining traditional export development (market studies, strategy design, prospection, etc.) with digital tools.

They believe that sharing knowledge is a key to success, and they are committed to sharing their expertise with their clients.

Role: Social Media Marketing & Website Development

Internship Description:

The host organisation are looking for an intern who can;

  • Assist with web marketing strategies for clients to enter into the Chinese online market
  • Analyze performance and results to provide feedback to the clients
  • Use markup languages like HTML5 to create user-friendly web mini apps for WeChat
  • Manage and improve website and SEO in Chinese
  • Promote content on social networks and monitor engagement

Activities are not limited to the above, and candidates are encouraged to discuss further their own abilities and interests in an interview to identify synergies.


  • Chinese National, or other nationality with advanced/native level Chinese
  • Bilingual in both English and Chinese language
  • Familiar with the Chinese digital environment and with experience in online marketing and social media channels in China
  • Digitally competent with using WordPress, HTML5
  • Knowledge of SEO principles
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills