Market Research

Internship Reference: QDBS07

Company Introduction

This company is developing a mushroom snack business, looking to provide strong competition to existing potato snack products. They have the backing of a large joint venture between a Green Energy Tech Company and an industrial conglomerate. This company was established in 2015 and focuses on the edible mushroom industry, including R&D, planting, production, processing and exporting. The main markets currently are Korea, Japan and the US, but the company is planning to expand into Europe and other markets in the future.

Internship Position

Business Development Support

Internship Description

  • Producing an analysis of worldwide snack food exhibitions
  • Market and customer research and analysis
  • Offline retail store and online store research and analysis.
  • Writing content (text, tables and charts) for company reports, industry reports and presentations, to be published internally and externally by the company.

Internship Requirements

  • Background in marketing, economics, customer relations, IT, management or finance required.
  • Good communication ability, both written and spoken.
  • Strong research ability.
  • Close attention to detail and ability to maintain high standards.
  • Good knowledge of Microsoft Excel and other standard office software.
  • Bachelor’s and Master’s degree holders preferred.
  • Experience in the snack food industry always a bonus!
  • Foreign languages, including Spanish, German and Chinese an advantage.