Sales Intern

Position Code: SHBS18

Company Introduction:

Help in this company’s mission of providing seamless access to employment and income data to enable greater financial opportunity in Asia! Smile provides user-authorized access to valuable employment and income data from HR, payroll, commerce, and marketplace platforms through a single API. Banks, fintech, recruitment agencies, and other service providers can leverage employment and income data to increase adoption and conversion, reduce cost, and reduce risk, through a single API. Access is given by the users themselves, so they can seamlessly share their data with the providers they trust.
We are looking for a go-getter, self-starter, and highly motivated individual for a Business/Product Analyst role in our pioneer team in Manila! The candidate should have a generalist orientation and can be comfortable and conversant in the domains of both business and tech-the role will also be working with a distributed team, mostly based out of China, so Mandarin-speaking skills will be an advantage!

Role: Sales Intern

Internship Description:

Sales Intern to help reach company sales targets by assisting in the ideating, planning and implementation of different sales and marketing campaigns and initiatives to seek new accounts and expand the existing customer base. The intern may be assigned to execute administrative work, do primary or secondary industry or market research, make reports or presentations, do customer and list building, make outgoing calls, handle incoming calls, and manage email or website sales inquiries.

• Primary or secondary research – research on assigned industry, market or segment; may include researching potential sales angles, creative outreach or sales pitch to a specific prospect or client
• Customer and list building – making and maintaining customer or other lists assigned
• Calls – managing incoming or outgoing calls to customers, suppliers or partners
• Triage sales inquiries – manage email or website sales inquiries
• Reporting – support reporting of sales funnel and sales performance and may include preparing performance presentations



  • Broad understanding of fintech companies and the value they bring
  • A belief in the power of data to thrive in today’s world
  • Familiarity with the entire sales cycle
  • An idea or at least a year of experience in using any CRM or business management software
  • Innate curiosity and a knack for problem-solving
  • Coachable with good communication and presentation skills, preferably in English
  • Good interpersonal skills and can demonstrate discipline

Good to Have

  • Sales development experience working in a software company