Marketing Coordinator Internship

Internship Code: MXBS53

Company Description:

This company was founded in Mexico City in 2018, to promote and help start-up collectives, social enterprises and community-based organizations develop. Their aim is to increase the impact of these organisations and ensure their sustainability in the long term. To this end, the company has developed a program that encompasses all aspects necessary for the development of an institution, seeking to accelerate the growth process and ensure that organizations have an optimal operational structure for the implementation of their projects and efficient resource management.

The incubator’s purpose is to promote community-based organizations and collectives that propose realistic solutions to the problems in their local communities. These initiatives all hope to ensure a greater lasting impact over time for the communities that are working to meet their own needs and solve the problems they face.

Internship Position:

Marketing Coordinator at NGO Incubator

Internship Description:

  • Update and create new social media channels with the aim of reaching out to a broader and younger audience.
  • Work on reports and create content to show that our projects are having a real impact.
  • Stay up-to-date and informed on emerging marketing platforms and trending insights and offer recommendations for improving marketing & fundraising strategy.

Internship Requirements:

  • Intermediate Spanish level
  • Interest in working with local NGOs
  • Strong writing and research skills
  • Social Media knowledge
  • Some online design experience would help (Canva, Photoshop) or interest to learn