Medical Imaging Internship

Position Code: CKGEN02

Company Introduction:

This Medical Technology Manufacturer is headquartered in Chongqing, China and continues to uphold its position as a world-leading manufacturer of non-invasive ultrasound therapeutic systems for both malignant and benign tumours.

Cooperating with Chongqing Medical University and its affiliated hospitals, this firm has established an innovative operation mode integrated of manufacturing, marketing, R&D, and education.

These lead to effective treatment for fibroids and patients suffering from cancer, osteosarcoma and other kinds of tumours.

Role: Medical Imaging Internship

Internship Description:

  • For this internship, medical ultrasound imaging is to be used to monitor two physical phenomena, aiming at investigating their roles in the therapeutic monitoring procedure, individually or in a combined way
  • This internship will be able to provide a fundamental understanding of how these biological effects affect ultrasound-guided HIFU monitoring

Additional Information;

During HIFU therapy, a large amount of energy is delivered to the focal region to burn the diseased tissue. As a result, there is a temperature rise within this region, along with the mechanical effect called acoustic cavitation.

Both the temperature rise and the cavitation could potentially be monitored using current medical imaging modalities to decide the energy dose during the HIFU therapy.


  • Have an understanding of ultrasound imaging or at least an awareness of ultrasound imaging through their university studies
  • A strong foundation based on maths and physics
  • Knowledgable in Matlab or Python, in order to work on scientific programming
  • Basic knowledge on signal processing and image processing
  • Ability to create simulation models on computers
  • Good verbal and written communication skills