Marketing Intern

Internship Reference: ZHBS96

Company Introduction:

This company was established in 2013, and they haveĀ taken cutting-edge genetic science out of the laboratory and into the hands of tens of thousands of people, helping everyone from absolute beginners to professional athletes understand how their DNA affects their response to exercise and nutrition changes.

They put the power of personal genetics into the hands of their clients, helping them reach fitness and nutrition goals on the most personal level possible. Guided by a simple saliva swab, this company creates a truly personalized solution to unlock your DNA potential.

Internship Position:

Marketing Intern

Internship Description:

  • Social media marketing – Running our social media page, and producing relevantĀ content to engage with our followers.
  • Flyer design – create necessary flyers to promote our product at events
  • Blogging – Editing, and writing articles
  • Working on online marketing strategies.
  • You may be required to participate in marketing events, which would involve traveling within China.
  • Interns interested in sports science may also be accepted, however, during the interview the company will ask you about your expectations to ensure they can find suitable tasks.
  • Interns interested in sport may have the opportunity to work with the Head of Sports science – who is an experienced trainer, but this depends on his travel plans and availability.

Requirements :

  • Interns must be passionate about sports and exercise as they will be representing a health/sport brand
  • A relevantĀ degree
  • The intern must be independent and able to work individually on given tasks
  • Must have an outgoing and confident personality