Market Analytics BD – SaaS

Position Code: SHBS17

Company Introduction:

Help in this company’s mission of providing seamless access to employment and income data to enable greater financial opportunity in Asia! Smile provides user-authorized access to valuable employment and income data from HR, payroll, commerce, and marketplace platforms through a single API. Banks, fintech, recruitment agencies, and other service providers can leverage employment and income data to increase adoption and conversion, reduce cost, and reduce risk, through a single API. Access is given by the users themselves, so they can seamlessly share their data with the providers they trust.
We are looking for a go-getter, self-starter, and highly motivated individual for a Business/Product Analyst role in our pioneer team in Manila! The candidate should have a generalist orientation and can be comfortable and conversant in the domains of both business and tech-the role will also be working with a distributed team, mostly based out of China, so Mandarin-speaking skills will be an advantage!

Role: Market Analytics BD – SaaS

Internship Description:

  • This company are looking for an analyst with a practical business development component and a go-getter attitude to handle market analysis for identification of TAU, TAM who supports us at creating relevant analysis for funnel creation. Also, you will be working on SWOT analysis, market positioning and competitor analysis.
  • Do market research on start-ups, incubation centres and investment houses to create portfolio data
  • Do studies on their products, services and offers
  • Create industry research report on Total addressable universe from companies in China expanding business in outside in
    Indonesia, the Philippines and India. Calculate total addressable market in India, Indonesia and the Philippines.
  • Prepare a report on country-specific market opportunity, competitors, SWOT analysis and price analysis, comparing to peers.


  • Bachelor/Master in business administration, engineering or equivalent degree
  • Good understanding of API, SDK and common concepts modern cloud-based SaaS Business
  • Interest in the Fintech space
  • Highly professional in spoken and written English
  • Proficiency in how to use excel and other analytics tools as well as common cloud-based SaaS products such as
  • CRM(ZOHO),
  • Mailchimp, Linkedin Sales Navigator etc.
  • Expertise in related API technologies, standards and innovation in the sector
  • SaaS CS experience in the Verification of Income and Employment (VOIE) Sector
  • Proven knowledge of the FinTech industry
  • Basic knowledge in data modelling and data management
  • Basic knowledge of software integration methods and approaches such as via REST-based APIs