Management Assistant

Position Code: BERBS42

Company Introduction:

This Internship Host Company’s commitment is to design and produce automated bioprocessing systems and digitize third-party devices within the cultured meat and cell therapy fields.

Their platform combines bioprocessing systems with an intelligent user-interface accessible remotely via web-app. Their browser-based application enables users to improve their real-time data and process management of the entire bioprocess.

Through their platform they aim to improve the cost-effectiveness of clients process, empowering their biotech innovations.

The Host Company success is based on their diverse team, that merges knowledge and experience to innovate and tackle unique challenges within the biotechnology industry.

Role: Management Assistant

Internship Description:

  • Everything that has to do with helping a COO and/or CEO

Example Tasks;

  • Actively organizeĀ CEO/COO scheduling needs
  • ArrangeĀ schedules to accommodate last-minute changes and cancellations
  • Arrange and facilitate meetings, ensuring all parties can attend
  • Prepare documents for external or internal communications
  • Analyze data and create reports to deliver to upper management


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management or similar degree
  • Exceptional leadership and organizational abilities
  • Proficient user of MS Office
  • Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills
  • Problem-solving attitude