Legal Consulting & Research Internship

Internship Reference: DLLA04

Company Introduction:

This start-up is a business incubation center for young international entrepreneurs. The aim is helping international entrepreneurs to access Chinese and foreign resources, authorities’ aids as well as entrepreneurs’ mutual communication and integration of resources.  The platform is majorly focusing on resolving issues such as communication barriers, policy restrictions, unemployment as well as challenges of self-employment. Therefore, reasonability, resourcefulness and legality will be secured. This will pool-in the talent from different walks of life. This platform is a meaningful, innovative exploration of international entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship and is the first of its kind in mainland China.

The company’s vision:

Foster the international image of China – Bring together a wide variety of talents – Integrate a resourceful platform – Bridge the gap between theory & practice

Internship Position:

Legal Assistant

Internship Description:

– study the Chinese government policies for company set-up very closely and gain understanding of the protocols and the procedures required in the process

– assist the company in research and consultation services and projects for foreign entrepreneurs in China – more specifically:

  • assist in consulting clients when deciding which exact kind of a WOFE (Wholly-owned foreign enterprise) to open
  • introduce to clients on local policies and how they can best benefits from them
  • provide assistance in helping entrepreneurs fabricate unique business models so that the business scope can be as wide as possible
  • help to provide answers to common questions related to capital investment, trading, required certificates, rebate, tax-filing, invoicing and employment contracts


  • fluent command of English language
  • major in law / legal studies
  • patience, willingness to read, do research and acquire new knowledge
  • high attention to detail required for paperwork and administrative procedures
  • interest in business and entrepreneurship
  • diligent, self-motivated work attitude
  • Mandarin knowledge and previous experience in China are a strong advantage