Junior Social Media Manager

Position Code: LISBS16

Company Introduction:

This is an online group travel booking platform based in Lisbon, Portugal. This platform was designed to revolutionize the way people plan their trips; with this company’s cost-saving packages, you will feel youā€™re at the top of the world in a minute. The company guide you to set the budget, the dates, the itinerary, excursions, and attractions all before you even land.


Today, the internet is the greatest tool for travelers everywhere, considering that there are so many options available for them to pick from. However, the information flood makes it difficult for travelers to make the correct decisions, especially when they are traveling in groups. This company’s mission is to ease this process by making travel planning not only efficient but also fun.

Role: Junior Social Media Manager

Internship Description:

This company isĀ searching for a talented junior social media manager to representĀ the company by building a social media presence for their brands. The junior social media manager will be required to help run advertising campaigns and drive engagement by creating high-quality original content.Ā They will also have to engage influencers, manageĀ their community by responding to comments, and oversee their customer service across all platforms.

  • Running company social media advertising campaigns.
  • Formulating high-quality novel written and visual content for each social media campaign.
  • Building a social media presence by maintaining a solid online presence.
  • Monitoring the company’s brand on social media.
  • Building brand awareness by engaging relevant influencers.
  • Managing their online communities to ensure respectful and appropriate engagement.
  • Responding to comments on each of their accounts.
  • Overseeing customer service provided via social media.
  • Analyzing data to determine whether social media campaigns have achieved their objectives.
  • Coaching employees company-wide on content creation best practices.


  • Understanding of graphic design principles., either using Adobe Suite Designing Programs or similar (like Canva)
  • High organizational and project management skills.
  • Ability to develop the right voice for each social media platform.
  • Ability to measure the success of campaigns.
  • Exposed to high-speed internet
  • Ability to work with different time zones.