International Business Development Intern

Internship Reference: DLBS58

Company Description:

The company is the largest Department Store retailer in China, with over 400 different stores in more than 80 large and medium-sized cities over 15 provinces. In 2018, it was ranked 65th largest company in China. The company also operates in other industries such as real estate development, hotels, wholesale markets and many others. The company’s current global strategy is to focus on food they have always believed in “providing the best products to our consumers”. This has led them to search for the highest-quality products around the world and try to bring them into China’s huge market and provide them to hundreds of millions of Chinese consumers. The company has already made investments in Australia Beef, Fruits, Wine and Seafood, as well as French Wine and German Beer. They look to expand this further into other regions globally.

Internship Position:

International Business Development Intern

Internship Description:

  • Communicating with global suppliers and producers to understand their business and industry
  • Look for opportunities to integrate products into the supply chain for the company
  • Make investment analysis on potential projects
  • Negotiate trade deals with suppliers
  • Planning and organising travel plans to visit producers and suppliers
  • Get insight into one of the top retailers in China and understand the operational structure of retailing
  • Work in a challenging and fast paced environment, with a mindset to transform the business into a global company

Depending on the applicants ability, an entire region can be the focus for the right candidate throughout the internship. The Intern will research all potential opportunities for investment or trade in that region. Analysing the opportunity in detail followed by negotiation and chance to pitch the opportunity for real investment and trade decision making.

Internship Requirements:

  • Preference for major in Business, Supply Chain Management, Communication, Marketing or Agriculture
  • Knowledgeable with geography, food and culture
  • Must have a can do attitude in work – often work can be at all times of the day, not just a typical 8am – 5pm job
  • Often discussions with global markets are after hours in China time
  • Must be adaptable to Chinese culture – whilst this part of a global team, you will be communicating with Chinese colleagues in a Chinese company
  • Open minded
  • Analytical skills needed
  • Logical thinker and is able to succinctly communicate ideas
  • Strong communicator
  • English a must and if another European language such as German, Spanish or Dutch would be ideal
  • Some Chinese language is preferable