Information Design Intern

Position Code: MXMA05

Organisation Description:

We are a mission-oriented boutique consulting firm, established in 2009, specialising in sustainability issues in the energy, environmental management and urban sectors. We strive to develop a continuous improvement in environmental, economic and social terms. We solve questions with grounded innovative solutions that foresee a better future for coming generations.

Our consultancy works in the development of infrastructure projects that comply with the Mexican environmental regulations ensuring their economic performance and social viability, needed to make the project a reality. Additionally, in renewable energy projects, it participates in the prospection, research, design and management phases.

We also collaborate with local governments and international institutions in the design, evaluation and implementation of public policies. In order to do so, we develop tools that facilitate the decision-making process while creating consensus among different actors.


Information Design Intern

Internship Description:

Possible tasks and projects include:

  • Design posts for social networks.
  • Conduct editorial design for the documents produced by the company.
  • Help design PowerPoint presentations.

N.B. tasks and projects may vary depending on current priorities. Specific projects and responsibilities will be discussed during an interview.

Internship Requirements:

  • The intern should be fluent in either Spanish or English (ideally both).
  • A keen interest in sustainability, prevention of climate change and development projects.
  • Any studies or background involving marketing, design or content creation would be welcome.

Don’t exactly match these requirements? If you have the enthusiasm and want to learn – then speak to Pagoda about this position and we’ll see what is possible!