Human Resources Internship

Internship Reference: DLHR01

Company description:

This company was founded in December 2006, is a professional recruitment solution provider and a local Chinese headhunting company. The company has over 100 recruitment consultants working in Dalian, Beijing and Shanghai. For nearly 10 years, they have been serving clients in IT/Internet/Telecom, Real-estate, Finance, and Automotive industries. This company counts global players such as IBM, Accenture, Alibaba, Huawei, Tecent aongst their key accounts.

Number of employees:  100

Internship position:

Human Resources Internship

Internship description:

  • Assist consultants to carry out preparatory work to analyze customers’ job description, key points and list Target Companies and candidates;
  • Search CVs of target candidates, and to make sure if candidates have the motivation for openings by telephone screening, put the summary of each candidate into database;
  • Make a formal interview list of candidates to consultants;
  • Assist consultants to do business and personal communication with the candidates for a double check;
  • Help consultants with the candidate assessment report, consultants will send the reports to customers;
  • Help to arrange interviews and give proper interview counseling to candidates; if candidates pass all the rounds of interviews, to do background checks, help candidates to get the offer and to go on-board, until they successfully pass their probation period.


  • Major in IT/Computer Science/Internet/Telecom/Finance/ Human Resources
  • Have connections to IT/Internet/Telecom related talent pool such as SiliconValley. We’d like to hire more talents there to China.
  • Smart, quick learners;
  • Be ambitious of success, result-orientation;
  • Good at social. Can build up close relationships with candidates in very short time.
  • Chinese speaking is definitely a strong plus.