Game Editor

Internship Reference: CDIT47

Company Introduction:

AtĀ this mobile game development company most of the staff are games industry veterans, working on games such as Little Empire, Call of Duty, NBA2K and Final Fantasy. Whilst others have worked on indie games such as the BAFTA nominated game Bear go home.

Armor Blade isĀ this organisations first game that merges established genres such as Strategy and Role Playing, while having innovative mechanics and creative concepts.

Built on a mission to continually provide independent innovation, they seek to provide the mobile game community with interesting and high-quality products.

ThereĀ first mobile game was released back in January 2014 – a strategic, role-play battle epic, that aims to connect users worldwide through a revolutionary adventure mode.

Internship Position:

Game Editor

Internship Description:

As a MobileĀ Editor you’ll be taking chargeĀ of editing fascinating games in global mobile games market. If you’re looking for a dynamic, fast-paced environment and the opportunity to work closely with the biggest names of mobile entertainment space, you will love it here! Let people around the world play our game and have fun!

Duties will include:

DuringĀ  your time at this company you will be involved in auditing game culture. Your role will include discovering and highlighting the inconsistencies between the characters, interfaces, pictures and animations in the game and Western cultures.

You will also be responsibleĀ for the translationĀ & proofreading of game content also; creating the character name, skills, equipment and background storyĀ of the game.


  • An interest in the gaming industry and gaming itself
  • Proactive and able to work independently
  • Have a positive and outgoing personality
  • Strong research ability
  • Able to meet deadlines
  • Self-driven
  • Have an open mindset
  • Professional working attitude
  • A basic understanding of the Chinese language, including reading and writing is a plus.