Film Industry Business & Legal Internship

Internship Reference: QDLA03

Company Description:

Established in 2010, this Chinese media company is one of the most innovative international concept development and animation studios in Asia. Their main focus lies on IP creation and operation of animation, comic and game (ACG) products – their vision is to become the leading ACG original producers in China.

To date, this company has produced a wide variety of works for the global market, including fantasy, science and fiction, and has persistently been building an impressive creative assets inventory. The company has also received investment from overseas investors as well as a series of animated film co-production deals with international partners. A first theatrical animation film is currently in production and will be screened in 2018. In the next 5 years, the company plans to produce a series of animation movies, TV series and game products.

Besides animated movies and series, the company also provides graphic design, branding design and exhibition design to numerous clients, domestic and overseas.

Internship Position:

Film Industry Business and Law Internship

Internship Description:

  • Research into international film business
  • Provide support with Intellectual Property (IP) and copyright law administration in your home country
  • Contact international film and TV distributors and gauge interest in company products
  • Research and prepare reports on general trends in the film and TV industry
  • Other tasks according to your skills and company demand

Internship Requirements:

  • Background in media, business studies or law
  • Those with understanding or experience of IP/copyright law will be at a distinct advantage
  • Must have demonstrable interest in the film industry
  • Entrepreneurial spirit required
  • Good written and spoken communication skills