Environmental Studies

Position Code: MADSC01

Company Introduction:

We live in a contradictory epoch. The fourth industrial revolution unfolding at unprecedented speed promises to unleash a world of abundance. At the same time, accelerating global issues such as climate change threaten to upend life as we know it.

This company is fostering a stakeholder ecosystem where sustainable transformation and prosperity are incentivized and aligned. They believe that science, data, and exponential technologies will be quintessential in realizing new ways of working, living, and driving sustainable industry transformation forward.

In line with their vision of the future of work and collaboration, this company foresees its future as a decentralized autonomous ecosystem built on Web 3.0 that unites and incentivizes stakeholders to foster sustainability and prosperity in the world.

Role: Environmental Studies

Internship Description:

You will work alongside environmental studies and sustainability experts in different projects!


  • We are looking for applicants who are studying or recently studied an environmental science related degree.
  • Interest in environmental and energy issues
  • Effective interpersonal communication skills
  • Strong writing and research skills
  • Data and information management