Programming and R&D Internship

Internship Reference: DLIT04

Company Introduction:

The company is a technology research and development platform enterprise, specialized in electronic product solutions. Main business: PCB, PCBA, electronic design, electronic product solution as well as technical support services. The products are now applied in various fields, such as: automotive electronics, industrial control, communications engineering, instrumentation, 3C products, new energy, etc. Our customers are from 7 continents (dozens of countries and regions). Product quality and service are widely acclaimed.
The company serves customers with the business philosophy of “Quality first, Service second, and Customer third” and follows the management vision of communication, coordination and service consciousness for their team of employees.

Internship Position:

Programming and R&D Intern

Internship Description:

  •  Simple programming and debugging of software;
  •  Assisted the R&D engineer in circuit design and improvement;
  •  Software functional test;
  •  Other technical job.


  •  Software engineering or computer related majors preferred;
  •  Have a deep understanding of the data structure and algorithms. With a clear thinking of development. Can independently complete the software development are preferred.
  •  Familiar with one or more of C, C + +, java or web development, common data structures, can perform general program debugging analysis;
  •  According to the detailed design, develop corresponding functions and assist the designer to complete the work, assist the tester to complete the test work, and write corresponding working documents;
  •  Must have strong logical thinking ability, good communication and expression skills and document writing ability;
  •  Have good communication skills and teamwork spirit, work hard and responsible.