Corporate Planning Assistant

Internship Reference: DLBS51

Company Description:

This company is a technology research and development platform enterprise, specialized in electronic product solutions. Main business: PCB, PCBA, electronic design, electronic product solution as well as technical support services. The products are now applied in various fields, such as: automotive electronics, industrial control, communications engineering, instrumentation, 3C products, new energy, etc. Our customers are from 7 continents (dozens of countries and regions). Product quality and service are widely acclaimed.

The company serves customers with the business philosophy of ‚ÄúQuality first, Service second, and Customer third‚Ä̬†and follows the management vision of communication, coordination and service consciousness for their team of employees.

Internship Position:

Corporate Planning Assistant

Internship Description:

  • ¬†Responsible for English advertising/copy writing/news/product promotion/etc.,
  • ¬†Give input on product creative sources, product ideas, and new product uses,
  • ¬†Constantly put forward suggestions and ideas for Gamification management,
  • ¬†Participate in the design of the company Corporate Identity System and the implementation of the pilot program,
  • ¬†Assist other departments in the planning of advertising, publicity, public relations, corporate culture, etc.,
  • ¬†Planning and use of standard props in planning activities,
  • ¬†Provide reasonable suggestions for corporate and product brand planning and assist the department in formulating brand strategy,
  • ¬†Complete other tasks assigned by the department.


  • ¬†Creative thinking, cheerful and enthusiastic, with strong execution ability,
  • ¬†Knowledge of basic planning process,
  • ¬†Ability to plan, execute, evaluation and analyze business processes,
  • ¬†Understand basic Chinese,
  • ¬†Advanced level of English language (especially written) – native speaker preferred,
  • ¬†Familiar with graphic design software operation ( PS, AI, AE, etc).