Junior Developer Internship

Position Code: MADIT07

Company Introduction:

Work with a startup formed by young entrepreneurs who, through an innovative process, have managed to process cereals with gluten to separate it from the rest of the product in such a way that it can be consumed by people with celiac disease.

The idea came from one of the entrepreneurs when he realised the daily problems that celiacs and their families face when it comes to finding suitable, quality food for them, which motivated them to look for a solution for a group of people whose monthly food budget is so much higher than that of people who do not have celiac disease.

This innovative process has been successfully laboratory tested during 2020 and this company meets the criteria established by FACE for the safe consumption of food for people with celiac disease. They are currently seeking funding for their project and believe that by the end of 2021 they will be able to market their first products.

Role: Junior Developer Internship

Internship Description:

This company is looking for interns who can:

  • Write well-designed, testable and efficient code using software development best practices.
  • Create a website and application/user interface design using standard HTML/CSS practices
  • Integrate data from various back-end services and databases
  • Gather and refine specifications and requirements based on technical needs
  • Create and maintain software documentation


  • Good understanding of OOP and design patterns
  • Ideally, experience with PHP and MySQL
  • Experience with modern JavaScript
  • Ability to work independently within a remote team