Customer Success Manager

Position Code: MADBS15

Company Introduction:

Training, gamified and personalized learning with private ranking, through challenges, missions, rewards…

This company is an online cybersecurity training platform. They create a unique cybersecurity training experience to boost protection in your company or institution with your own content or with your content that they adapt to their platform.

Computer threats are increasing, and devices, servers, electronic systems, nets, and data protection are consolidating as the biggest challenges for companies and professionals.

This company sets you up with real training scenarios in cyber security.

Role: Customer Success Manager

Internship Description:

Onboarding new clients
● Acting as a point of contact for our global customers.
● Helping customers understand how the company works, resolving any issues they encounter
● Organising and prioritising customer feedback
● Managing customer relationships
● Researching new markets and attracting potential customers
● Creating personalised offers for customers


  • The ideal person for this position would have a technical profile and good communication skills.
  •  Knowledge of Spanish and English
  • Interest in cyber security and e-learning
  • Experience in the use of CRM software (desired)