Community Specialist

Internship Reference: CDBS79

Company Introduction:

This company is an independent game publisher which focuses on the mobile entertainment market in Europe and North America. Founded in 2013, by developing overseas mobile games independently, it then transformed into an overseas publisher by 2014. They are looking to expand their North American market and consolidate the existing market in Europe with hope of becoming the first global publisher of the mobile entertainment industry.

This is a young company with 50 employees which is expected to grow in 2016. The company offers a dynamic and energetic, multi-culture working environment. This is a friendly group of unique talented people capable of doing many things – our slogan is be creative, humorous and effective! In short, this is a fun place that you can work with smart and innovative young people. We call ourselves the “Game Magician”, we want to create the best game with our “Magic”!

Internship Role:

Community Specialist

Internship Description:

  • Generate social media content.
  • Foreign Consultant – exporting foreign details like culture, custom, language and transforming them into the game and community.
  •  Put forward designs for events.
  • Generate community content.
  • Connect with game players through social media, such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Responsible for checking game translation.


·         Speaks French, German or Russian (mother tongue). Also fluent in English.
·         Love Gameing and have a good understanding about PC games, Mobile games, etc.
·         Good grounding in general social media; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.