Charity Community Event Organiser Internship

Internship Reference: ZHNGO02

Company Description:

The company, officially established 2015, has been running charity events in the Zhuhai community for underprivileged school children and the autism society since 2012. There is one main event every year that is a large charity music festival and there are occasionally smaller events throughout the year.

The company is foreign run by a collection of long & upstanding foreign companies based in Zhuhai and is 100% transparent, differing vastly from the majority of local charity companies. The company prides itself on its transparency.

Internship Position:

Charity Community Event Organiser

Internship Description:

  • Taking a leading role in many of the event organization aspects leading up to 2016’s large charity music festival in November.
  • Working closely with the member companies to assist in making the event and the company more transparent.
  • Working closely with the local charities we donate to, ensuring transparency and good use of funds. Visiting the charities and activities and writing blog posts about them
  • Increasing community awareness of the charity and event through good social media communication
  • Planning other smaller events as agreed upon by the company.

Internship Requirements:

  • Background in business, hospitality, event management or administration
  • Interest and enthusiasm for charities, event organization, and music
  • Proactive, capable, independent and trustworthy
  • Fluent English

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