Carbon Footprint Analyst

Position Code: LISRES01

Company Introduction:

This is a vertical farming start-up in Lisbon. They make cities more sustainable, resilient, and healthy by creating centres of food production in centres of food consumption. Their core technology is a rotating vertical farm system, housed in greenhouses, requiring no artificial lighting or climate control. They combine the production of huge amounts of food with the ethos of community gardening, so that the groups we feed learn how to grow their own food, and enjoy its benefits for health and the environment. Their primary clients are therapeutic and educational institutions eg. schools, hospitals, care homes, prisons. But they also serve commercial institutions that want to reduce their carbon footprint and improve the health and wellbeing of their clients and staff.

Role: Carbon Footprint Analyst

Internship Description:

  • This company needs to know the carbon footprint of its technology, and what it takes to run it.
  • They need to benchmark this against industry standards eg. how much carbon is generated in standard agricultural processes in Iberia.
  • Your role would be to use internationally recognised systems of life cycle assessment and/or carbon footprint measurement (IRIS etc.) to analyse the impact of our business model, and to compare it to ‘business as usual.
  • Time permitting, you would also construct a database or other measurement tool which allows them to continuously track the carbon footprint of their activities, as they build and operate farms where they grow, harvest, and distribute food to urban communities.


  • The ideal candidate for this role will have experience of working with and ongoing access to internationally recognised tools for this kind of analysis.
  • You would need to be confident in quantitative analyses, the construction of spreadsheets and databases.