Biosimilars Research Intern

Position Code: TOSC03

Company Introduction:

This NGO is a worldwide network of patient groups with a full or partial focus on providing support to patients with lymphoma, was formed in 2002 and incorporated as a not for profit organisation in 2010.

The need for a central hub of consistent as well as reliable current information was recognised as well as the need for lymphoma patient organisations to share resources, best practices, and policies and procedures. With this in mind, four lymphoma organisations started this NGO. Today, there are over 80 member organisations from over 50 countries.

This NGO’s current strategy is focused on ensuring impact within two pillars: information and advocacy.

Role: Biosimilars Research Intern

Internship Description:

  • Review this NGO’s report (An Update on Biosimilars in Lymphoma) to gain an understanding of thesubject matter
  • Research the sources referenced and update the information to reflect the present status, changes,and/or emerging trends to watch for
  • Identify additional sources of relevant information and/or new data that might be of interest topatients with lymphoma (with respect to biosimilars)
  • Analyze the conclusion of the 2018 report and explore what has changed in the past five years
  • Present results and/or key findings to the Membership & Alliances team at the close of the internship


  • Meticulous and knowledgeable about how to conduct online searches, research, and present findings
  • Ability to clearly identify relevant data or evidence-based information based on specific subject matter
  • Skilled at concisely summarizing key findings without bias
  • An understanding and/or interest in the drug regulatory approval process
  • An understanding and/or interest in the role of patient input in health technology assessment
  • Skilled at summarizing complex clinical and/or evidence-based data