AI Software Developer Internship

Internship Code: TPIT51

Company Description:

Finally, confidently speak the language you’ve spent years learning. Improve in weeks — not months, or years. This innovative company helps language learners practice speaking every day, just like they would in an immersive environment. Immediate, AI-precision feedback ensures learners can finally speak and communicate confidently.

Internship Position:

AI Software Developer

Internship Description:

  • Help develop features for software product
  • Use JavaScript/HTML5/Bootstrap for Front End
  • Java/Spring Boot/MySQL for Back End
  • Help review recent research in ASR (Automated Speech Recognition) and GEC (Grammatical Error Correction)
  • Assist with implementation and testing code published together with the state-of-the-art research publications
  • Write summaries and suggest ideas for future product roadmap

Internship Requirements:

  • Previous experience with either JavaScript or Java can be either during school (high school or university) or self-interest
  • Interest to work on the project as a team, both respect and challenge other team members’ code
  • Interest/passion in the education industry
  • Previous experience with paper review and software development (for example during MSc studies)