Administrative & Teaching Internship

Position Code: MANED03

Company Introduction:

The international organization aims to promote the French language and francophone culture around the world.

Role: Administrative & Teaching Internship

Internship Description:

  • Cataloguing the collection
  • Checking the existing catalogue
  • Labelling and shelving books
  • Developing a schedule of spotlighting for different works/sections
  • Identifying strengths/weaknesses in the collection
  • Re-organising the shelving to improve visibility and usability
  • Suggesting acquisitions
  • Developing and running activities around elements of the collection
  • Running user surveys and developing interaction with users, including running activities
  • Communication and marketing for the collection, including digital marketing and newsletter articles, and suggesting additional marketing strategies
  • Cataloguing and organising the teachers’ library


  • Fluency in English and a high level of French proficiency (able to follow meetings and participate in professional discussions in French, plus an appreciation for French literature)
  • A study background in Literature / Languages / Library services / French
  • A sense of responsibility and self-motivation
  • Enthusiasm for the French language and French-speaking culture(s)
  • An ability to form a rapport with library users and to host activities
  • A DBS will be required for this role.