Sustainability Assistant

Internship Reference: CDNGO20

Company Description:

This organisation was founded sixteen years ago by a group of outdoor enthusiasts driven by the common goal to explore the natural world.

Since then, they have dedicated themselves to guiding groups of international tourists of all ages through the picturesque mountain wilderness regions across western China.

By showcasing these pristine environments, they hope to foster a passion for their protection and appreciation in sustainable ways. There commitment to practice responsible tourism has never failed, and they have been advocates for environmental protection since the very beginning.

Internship Position:

Agriculture and Sustainability Assistant

Internship Description:

  • Intern participants in this organisations agriculture and sustainability department will be taught our specific methods of sustainable community/agricultural development and agriculture which combine influences of field-tested innovations with traditional indigenous knowledge.
  • Work in this position will cooperate closely with our team in the Tibetan village of Zhonglu; where our Forest Research Center is located.
  • They will assist in the creation and implementation of our development projects meant to serve the community.
  • Interns can expect to walk away from this experience with a better understanding of the zero-waste lifestyle and will be exposed to in-depth cultural exchange with the community in Zhonglu

Internship Requirements:

  • Undergraduate degree in Sustainability, Agriculture, Community Development, Anthropology, or a related field of interest.
  • Experience with farming, community development and interface with indigenous communities is a plus
  • Literacy in Mandarin Chinese is not required .

Duration and details of the position:

  • Applicants should be comfortable with life in a rural setting.
  • Applicants should be comfortable with assisting in the ‘hands on’ side of the internship.