Hi, I’m Marian the newest InternChina intern in Qingdao!

Hey everybody,I’m Marian, 22 years old and I’m from Moers, Germany. I’ll be a new intern at the Internchina office in Qingdao. I pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Asian Studies and Management – Chinese (Which may sound a little weird but in the end is just a mixture of business studies and Chinese) at Konstanz, Germany. For my studies I already spent a year in China to deepen my proficiency of the language. During this time I spend one Semester in Qingdao and one in Xi’an. In the meantime I have travelled a little in northern China as well. When I was a child I used to be a great fan of Jackie Chan and his movies are probably the origin of my passion for China.
Qingdao, as a coastal city with nice beaches, is a great place to be in summer. The temperatures in winter and in summer are not as extreme as in other Chinese cities. All in all the quality of life is one of the best, in China. One of my personal favorites in Qingdao are the small street stalls, which appear everywhere at nighttime, selling barbecue and fresh draft beer. If you are in town you should definitely visit the old town, built by German colonialists around the 1900s and the Fushan Mountain, which is right in the middle of the city and is less “touristic” than the more famous Laoshan. However the great view on the city and the ocean is worth the rough climb. Furthermore there are a lot of old German bunkers which you may explore. Noteworthy in Qingdao are also the nice promenade and the Taidong night market.
I would advise any interns coming to Qingdao (or China) to bring a lot of sweets like chocolate or Haribo, as they are either not available or quite expensive here. They can also act as quite a nice gift for Chinese friends. Don’t over pack on clothes, as you will probably buy a lot here. Try to go to traditional Chinese restaurants with your friends; you will get a great variety of dishes for a really low price.
So I kind of fell in love with this city and after a short interlude in Xi’an, when I had to choose where to go for my practical semester, I was certain that I wanted to go back to Qingdao. So when the opportunity to do an internship at Internchina appeared I didn’t hesitate for long. When I arrived after 24+ hours of travels at the Qingdao airport, a colleague from Internchina picked me up and provided me with everything I needed. The people here have all been very friendly and were eager to help me feel comfortable. I’m looking forward to the time I will spend here and the experiences I may gain.

Qingdao new Intern
Qingdao new Intern