Generation UK FAQs

Got a question regarding our 4-8 week Generation UK funded online internship programme? We have compiled a selection of our most frequently asked questions.

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Applications are now open for students based in England, Wales and Scotland.

Deadline to apply 23:59pm 4th February 2022.

For all of our Generation UK funded programmes, there is a strict eligibility criteria each applicant will need to meet in order to be considered for the funding.

Eligibility criteria for the Generation UK funding:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be currently enrolled as an undergraduate or postgraduate student at a UK university, or have graduated from one within the past two years
  • Be a UK passport holder if studying in England or Wales
  • Be a UK or EU passport holder if studying in Scotland
  • Have achieved, or be on track to achieve, a 2:1 degree
  • Meet our student finance eligibility criteria –
  • Not be in receipt of any other Generation UK funding
  • Not previously undertaken a Generation UK internship, or taken part in a Generation UK scholarship programme

If you are accepted for Generation UK funding, you will be able to:

  • Complete an 8 week online internship (20 – 40 hours per week) in the sector of your choice in one of our host companies based in Mainland China.
  • Chat with our experienced placement team, undertake interviews and secure your position.
  • Be paired with a cultural mentor from China and provided the platform to discuss interesting topics selected by Pagoda.
  • Gain access to our weekly live virtual events all themed on improving skills, cultural understanding, and interesting insight into a variety of industries.
  • Complete the digitally delivered Pagoda Skills Courses focusing on improving your employability, cultural fluency and digital skills, to prepare you for the post-pandemic, remote working world!
  • Become part of the global network of students and graduates completing various Pagoda programs from around the world.
  • Dedicated check-in service and staff on-hand at the touch of a button through the Pagoda Projects APP to assist you throughout the internship.
  • Enjoy all the benefits of being a Pagoda Alumni member with dedicated Linkedin / Facebook groups & know about Pagoda Job opportunities first!

If you’re awarded a place on the programme, you will be required to provide a £50 deposit that’s fully refundable at the end of your programme.

Due to the short-term nature of the internships, all the internships are unpaid.

Not at all, most of our participants do not have any Chinese skills and have a great time. A very high proportion of our internship host companies are Western, and the working language is English. We’d also never place you with a host company where you would need specific skills you didn’t have, and you’ll have the support of the Pagoda team throughout your programme for any general communication related help!


  • Monday 28th February 2022 – Friday 22nd April 2022
  • Monday 21st March 2022 – Friday 13th May 2022

All the online internships we’re offering are part- or full-time positions, Monday-Friday each week. The exact number of working hours each week will differ slightly between the different host companies to choose from and you can choose what duration is best for you.

Due to an extensive event calendar being organised and along with the cultural mentor aspect of the programme, the programme dates are fixed.

Get in touch if you have any questions relating to the dates of the programme.

This programme is an online internship programme and there is therefore no travel needed. You will be working remotely from the comfort of your own home for a company based in Mainland China.

All the internships in Mainland China will consider applicants for the 2-month internship apart from a small number. Have a good look through the full listing of internships here.

Don’t worry, you’ll have around 7-10 days after the deadline to submit all the documents to confirm you’re eligible for the funding and for us to progress with your application.

Yes, very important. This is one of the major parts of the application and something the British Council will carefully read through when considering your application. Please ensure you’ve met the word count for each, there isn’t any grammatical mistakes and you’ve been able to express your desire in taking part in the programme.

  1. Submit your application through the website here.
  2. Provide all your eligibility documents to confirm you’re able to be considered for the funding.
  3. Complete a video ortelephone interview with one of the Pagoda team.
  4. If the Pagoda team feels you’re a suitable candidate for funding, we’ll submit your application to the British Council for final approval.
  5. The British Council will then look over your motivational statements you submitted on your online application, the notes from the video/telephone interview and your eligibility documents. Once the British Council team have made their decision, they’ll send an email to confirm the outcome of your application.
  6. If successful, Pagoda will then take over the application process again and look to finalise your programme details as soon as possible.
  7. We’ll ask you to pick some internship positions and your preferred start date, send you a booking form to confirm the terms & conditions of the programme and ask you to send the £50 programme deposit to the Pagoda bank account.
  8. Once you’ve signed the booking form and Pagoda have confirmed the deposit has reached the bank account, the process of finalising the internship can begin.
  9. You will be introduced to one of Pagoda’s placement team member who will work with you to arrange the internship with one of our host companies.
  10. You’ll have Skype interviews with the host companies you like the sound of from their company and job descriptions from the website. Once you’ve been able to connect with a few, we’ll ask you to choose which one you’re happy to confirm as your internship.

Absolutely. Only a certain few sectors like engineering, design, law will need you to have some educational background or previous work experience to be considered for the positions.

We’ll review applications on a first come first serve basis and all eligible applicants will receive confirmation of funding before the 18th of February 2022.

The purpose of the deposit is primarily to secure the participant’s place on the programme and secondarily to demonstrate the participant’s commitment to key programme requirements. More information on the key programme requirements can be found in the Booking Form you’ll be required to sign to confirm your place on our programme, or in our Deposit Policy.

Your deposit will be sent to the British Council to cover a small amount of the time and resources spent on your application.

We are accepting applications on a rolling basis from students and graduates from universities in England, Scotland and Wales.

For any other questions related to Generation UK funded programmes or the application process, please contact us by email or by phone.

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