My Pagoda Story

My name is Ali. I’m studying Computer Science at City University London. I’ve been in Taipei for 12 months. My internship lasted for 12 months, and it was focused on the Technology sector.


What were your tasks and responsibilities?

I worked at UKEAS group as a Full Stack Intern Web Developer. I had to get familiar with their technology stack in addition to helping achieve their strategic goals. I participated in developing functional requirements for the production stage of the website. Furthermore, I helped to manage the web server along with their cloud. I have learnt many things working at UKEAS. It has been a fulfilling experience and I have met some great people!

Did you enjoy your time in Taipei?

I had a great time in Taipei. I went on many trips around Taiwan with friends, from scootering through the coast to snorkeling on an island near the western coast. I met some amazing locals who even treated us. The locals in Taiwan are super friendly and accommodating. Furthermore, Pagoda Projects also organised trips and weekly dinners. It was enjoyable and fun. The lantern festival in February was especially breath-taking.

Ali in Taipei

Final thought?

I had an amazing time in Taipei. It’s a life-changing experience, and I recommend it to everyone!