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Experience Asia – Manchester’s newest event

If you follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook, you’ll probably have been aware of an event InternChina was a part of last week called ‘Experience Asia 2014’. InternChina helped organise it in conjunction with the University of Manchester by working closely with our connections at the university.
We managed to attract several prominent organisations from across the UK that were able to offer students opportunities to travel, work, intern and study in Asia – it’s always great to meet people working in a similar field to you!

InternChina – Experience Asia exhibitors from i-to-i

The number of enthusiastic students that came to talk to us at the InternChina stand was brilliant. It’s great to see so many young people intent on travelling to China to gain invaluable experiences.

InternChina – Experience Asia stand

Suffice to say, the event flew by, and many of the hundreds of students that attended, left with exiting new plans to go to Asia this year! Don’t worry too much if you were unable to be a part of the event, it’s not too late to apply for an internship with us this summer. We also have funding opportunities available so be sure to take a look!

We’re hoping to attend future Experience Asia events and look forward to the next one with keen anticipation.

Do you want to join those going to China this summer in Qingdao, Zhuhai or Chengdu? Join in the adventure here!


IC Intern Stephanie – back for the second time

Ni Hao everyone,
I’m BACK in Qingdao!!!

My name is Stephanie and I am a “new” intern at InternChina. I come from Belgium and I’m really excited to be here in Qingdao again.

During my first internship, I had the chance to visit and learn more about this wonderful city and its inhabitants. At first, it was difficult to find my bearings and adapt to the completely new culture, weather and especially the food. But thanks to all the other interns and InternChina’s activities, I had the opportunity to discover very nice places and people and feel “at home” here in China.

I was never alone, there were always interns that I met for lunch, for dinner and/or for parties. We were all in a country we didn’t know, alone and for most of us with none or only some knowledge of Chinese. I met lot of people from around the world such as Germans, Americans, British, Russians, French, Italian, Spanish, etc. We all gather almost everyday at LPG (a famous bar with lots of overseas students as well as Chinese ones) to have a drink and chat.

InternChina – Qingdao

I also met some Chinese people especially during my language classes at Qingdao Language School. My teacher during the summer was Grace Liang, a nice and funny person, we studied a lot during the classes but we also met after work and sometimes during the weekends to go out or to visit some famous places in Qingdao.

I’m now back again but this time for three months, it’s not summer anymore so Qingdao it’s a bit less crowded than how it was six months ago. However, it’s still a busy city and active as always! The weather at the moment is a lot colder than the last time I was here, but the good side of it, is that we still have sunny days with blue skies.

Qingdao is a nice city with a lot of nice spots to visit: The Beer museum, the TV tower, the old town, parks (beautiful in summer), Laoshan (beautiful Chinese mountain with breath taking views) and more.

I’m really looking forward to this new internship experience and hopefully explore more of Qingdao and lot of other places in China!

Would you like to gain work experience in ? Apply now or send us an email (  for more information.

By Stephanie Baaklini

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Why do a summer internship in China

If you live in the northern hemisphere, summer is up and running now, temperatures are rising, the sun is shining and images of beaches and tan people in bathing suits flood the advertising spaces everywhere. If you are a student, school is probably over for the semester or you are wrapping up exams and project deadlines.
It’s likely that you’ve already made plans for the summer (after all, you’ve been thinking about it since spring break was over). But if you still don’t know what you’re going to do for the next three months – or if you like to plan so far ahead that you’re already thinking about next summer – let me tell you why an internship in China is the best thing you can do with your summer.

You might be thinking: “Working? During my summer holiday? Why on Earth would I want to do that?” Yes, of course, everybody’s idea of summer is chilling in the sun by day and partying with piña coladas by night. But the truth is, you will most likely go on vacation for one or two weeks, and then spend the rest of the summer playing Xbox with your friends, hanging out at the mall or running errands for your mom.

What I’m saying is: do something more meaningful with your summer! These days, in the competitive business world that we live in, work experience is highly valued and if you graduate university without any at all, chances are you will have a very hard time finding a job that satisfies your career goals and rewards all the hard work you put into your studies (check out Penelope Trunk’s great blog about the importance of doing a summer internship). Of course, you can do an internship in your home town or even try to find a summer job but, now that you’re already thinking about it, why not do an internship in China?

Having work experience in China gives a great boost to your CV. It is not only the fact that China is increasingly gaining importance in the worlds of business and industry, which will definitely help you stand out to recruiters. But they will also see that you are not afraid to take on a challenge, given that you are willing to travel halfway across the world to live and work in a country with a completely different culture and way of life. How you adapted and handled the language and cultural barriers – this will be a great topic to mention in future job interviews.


But coming to China for an internship during the summer is not only great to improve your career prospects. It is also an opportunity to learn about a new culture and have fun while doing it. Qingdao, Zhuhai and Chengdu are great cities to do this: great weather, not as busy or expensive as Beijing or Shanghai, but still close enough that you can visit them and big enough that there are plenty of places to go to keep your evenings and weekends occupied with fun activities.


Just to mention a few examples: in Qingdao you can spend a day playing beach volleyball, sailing and jet skiing; or go climbing Laoshan Mountain if you’re a bit sportier. At night, you can sit outside drinking beer and eating street BBQ. In Zhuhai, you can go swimming in the sea or a pool, take a trip to one of the 146 islands around the city and even hop over to Macau or Hong Kong for the day, do some sightseeing and eat a delicious meal. Chengdu is a great place to go cycling for both pros and amateurs, given the fact that the landscape is mostly flat so you can go far without wearing yourself out too much. You can also have a relaxing afternoon at a tea house and of course, go see the pandas!



As you can see, doing an internship in China gives you the ultimate summer experience: working, learning and having fun! Conclusion: what are you waiting for?
Would you like to spend your summer doing an internship in China? Apply now on our website or send us an email for more information.

Eating out in Zhuhai

Cold Chinese food

After what seemed like endless weeks of heavy rain and foggy (but by no means cold) weather, summer has finally hit Zhuhai. The past few days have seen a glorious streak of sunshine and heat, with temperatures ranging between 25°C and 30°C. It still rains from time to time but there’s no mistaking: summer is here and it’s only going to get hotter.
The InternChina staff and all the interns have, of course, taken advantage of the beautiful weather and are not wasting a second indoors. This weekend’s activities, for example, have included hiking, beach volleyball, sunbathing, swimming and biking. Sure, we might complain occasionally about the humidity and how it’s now impossible to stay dry, but all things considered, we are loving the summer and never want it to end.

One thing we hadn’t thought about, however, is the food. In western countries, the ultimate summer dish is the salad, and there are countless recipes for all tastes and pallets: vegetable salad, fruit salad, pasta salad, tuna salad… you name it. But the concept of salad as we know it does not apply here in China, and even though you can definitely find some yummy salads at western-style restaurants, they’re usually quite expensive and therefore not a viable option to eat on a regular basis.

So, what to eat then? As much as we love Chinese food – and we do – sometimes when it’s so hot that you break a sweat the minute you step outside the door, the last thing you want to eat is a scalding-hot noodle soup or a steaming plate of dumplings. If you’re new to China, you might start to despair, thinking “All Chinese food is hot! What am I going to eat now?” But having been here a few months – as most of us have – you begin to discover that no, all Chinese food is not hot and yes, there is quite a variety of delicious cold dishes (liang cai – 凉菜) that will freshen up your taste buds and keep you cool during the hot summer months.

Here are a couple of my favorites:

Cucumber with mashed garlic (suan ni huan gua – 蒜泥黃瓜)

Image source: Adventures with Kake

I call this “cucumber salad”, and it’s really a very simple dish: chopped cucumber, garlic, hot chilli oil and Sichuan peppers. It can be quite spicy, but I’ve found they serve it at a few restaurants and the level of spiciness varies, plus you can add some black vinegar or soy sauce to tone it down.

Cold skin noodles (liang pi – 凉皮)

Image source: Your Food Party

This is a dish that you simply must not miss while in China. These noodles (though the word “skin” is in the name, there is actually no meat) originate from Shaanxi province and, though there are many variations of the dish, most of them are served with hot chilli oil and black vinegar. My favorite version comes also with julienned cucumber, bean sprouts and peanuts on top.

Shredded potatoes (tu dou si – 土豆絲)

Image source: Adventures with Kake

Many westerners love potatoes so this is the perfect dish for them. The potatoes are served with peppers and vinegar – tangy and fresh yet quite filling.

Want to try all the different varieties of Chinese food? Apply now for an internship or send us an email for more information.

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Zhuhai: First Impressions

Hi everyone! It’s Daniela, the brand new InternChina intern! It’s my very first week in Zhuhai and I would like to share with you some of the experiences I’ve had so far in this great city. Hope you enjoy…

InternChina – Zhuhai Impressions

Getting used to life in Zhuhai is proving to be easier than I initially thought. Being from Mexico, I am already somewhat familiar with the chaos and quaintness of living in a “developing country”, whatever that means nowadays. Watching out for discourteous drivers while crossing the street: check. Sitting through long bureaucratic processes: check. Bargaining to get lower prices: check, though I must admit it’s not my favourite shopping experience, but that’s probably because I’m not very good at it.

Culinary-wise, I have zero complaints as of yet. Restaurant menus look like coffee-table books, and most of the times I’m too hungry to look through every single page and photo to figure out what I want to eat, so I usually trust whoever it is I’m eating with to recommend a few dishes and go from there. So far it’s worked out great, my tastebuds are having a blast and I’m discovering some new flavour combinations that I never thought could taste so good. I have yet to try the street barbecue, which I hear is delicious and a steal besides, so I’m looking forward to that experience.

While I’m from Mexico, I spent the past year and a half in London, where – as everyone knows – the weather is less than pleasant. So even though it’s technically winter and Zhuhai locals might consider this “cold” season, I couldn’t be happier. Stepping outside in just a jacket and a scarf instead of four (or more) layers of thick clothing – that’s quite alright in my book. I’m already counting the days until spring and summer, when I can finally bring out my long-neglected skirts and dresses and enjoy the warm temperatures to the max.

I’ve only been in Zhuhai for a few days and thus haven’t been able to see much of the city, but I can say with some certainty that it’s not going to take long for me to feel at home here. People greet me with a smile and it doesn’t really matter if I can only speak a couple of words in Chinese – there’s always someone willing to help me out. Every afternoon, from the window in my office, I can see the sun setting behind the tall buildings on the other side of the bay. Could life get any better? Probably, and I’m about to find out.

Are you interested in Zhuhai and want to get your own first impressions? Send us your application to or apply directly through our website.

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Sailing in Qingdao

InternChina – Sailing Crew

InternChina – Skyline Qingdao

Since the Olympic Games in Beijing, Qingdao has become famous for Sailing activities. This led InternChina to organize a 3-hour sailing activity.
After a quick instruction of the two professional skippers we could board the ships. The majority of our small group had no previous experience in sailing before, so it was quite helpful that our sailors gave us a lot information about how to sail and everyone was more or less involved and had their own tasks to do.

But just in order to avoid any misunderstanding: we were definitely not too busy to enjoy the nice weather, the sea and the beautiful view of Qingdao’s skyline. After around 2 hours of sailing we stopped the boat in the middle of the sea and were allowed to jump into the sea. It was an amazing swim and – thank god – nobody got caught by a monster-jellyfish 🙂

What the Internchina interns were lucky enough to experienced is that Qingdao offers many possibilities of different kinds of water sports. Unfortunately, I am going to leave China in one week and I already know that I will miss the sea when I depart 🙁

InternChina – Boat
InternChina – Swimming Sailing Crew

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Beach BBQ

Hey guys,
last Saturday the Internchina people came together for Gong Fu 功夫 lessons and BBQ on the beach. Actually, it was the first day of what we may call „summer“. Over 20°, and the danger to get a little sunburn. For months we have waited for this day!

Teacher Pan gave us, together with Dan, one of his experienced long-term students, an insight in the Chinese material arts. Pan Laoshi has been practicing for more than 40 years and therefore is an expert for the real, traditional Gong Fu.
It was a great pleasure to learn a few moves from him. Check out the video, where Pan Laoshi and Dan are showing Gong Fu in Baguazhang style!

The dinner after our “hard work” was delicious, thanks to long preparations in Jenny’s new apartment and Fay’s and Nick’s professional skills on the BBQ ☺