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Come Together 一起来吧 2015

Come Together Community
InternChina – Come Together Community


What's Come Together 什么一起来吧


Last Saturday, on September 12th from 3pm – 11pm, the 4th annual Come Together Charity Music Festival was held at the Beishan Theatre in Zhuhai. Come Together is an event organised and managed by the CT Community (CTC) and its Partners.

InternChina - Come Together 2015
InternChina – Come Together 2015

All members of CTC, as well as the volunteers on Saturday without whom it would have been impossible to make an event as such happen, are like-minded fellows who care about giving something back to the community, helping out, and making a difference.

The ultimate goal is to bring people together from all cultures and walks of life to celebrate music and raise money for great charities with 100% transparency.

InternChina - Come Together 2015
InternChina – Come Together 2015

There are no words to describe how awesome this day was! Being assigned the role of the Raffle Ticket Sales Manager, it was an honour to be part of such a great charity event.

InternChina - Come Together
InternChina – Come Together

The Area


The village around Beishan Hall is simply beautiful and it gives an insight in the “old town” of Zhuhai andhow the now 1,6 million people city must have looked 30 years ago.

InternChina - Come Together
InternChina – Come Together

The venue was divided into four zones: an indoor Main Stage with amazing live bands from Macau, Hong Kong and Zhuhai, an outdoor garden area to relax, a Food and Beverage area with delicious international and local food and, new for 2015, an Outdoor Children’s Area with all sorts of games and activities for Children organised by international schools in Zhuhai.

InternChina Bar
InternChina – IC staff from all branches united

The Live-Performances


The doors of Beishan Theatre opened at 15:00. Shortly after, the first live band, Kewl Jam was warming up the audience. Also, kids had the chance to show their talent to the visitors. Mary gavea really impressive live performance on the piano which was followed by an adorable children’s dance.

InternChina - Come Together
InternChina – Come Together

Half way through the programme, ZAS (the Zhuhai Autism Society) was proving that a handicap is no drawback when it comes to musical talent. 13 Families affected by autism performed “Boundless Love” in the medium of sign language and chorus as well as “A World Filled With Love”. But that was not all, a drum solo – Laski March, by Enquan and Zhensheng – fascinated the crowd.

InternChina - Come Together
InternChina – Come Together


Also the bands The Spit Shine Spurs, The Sun Yat Sens, The Vibe, Tommy Chung and @One were rocking the stage and got rewarded with great applause.

Towards the end, a so called “Sexy Dance” left the public breathless and the winners of the raffle as well as the auction were announced.

InternChina - Come Together
InternChina – Come Together

Last but not least, every one was rocking to the headliners The High Rollers, who’s lead singer affectionately known as, Billy Da Kid, paid for the event’s sound setup in full for the event. The band literally brought all people together and while playing crowd favourites such as let it be, imagine, hey Jude, and Rock My Baby they invited the volunteers on the stage and everyone was dancing together and looking back on an amazing day.

InternChina - Come Together
InternChina – Come Together


The Charities 慈善


The CT Community has its very own Non-Profit Charity Organisation, Zhuhai Western and Chinese Love & Music Exchange Centre.The Come Together Charity Music Festival primarily raised funds for 2 great local charities:

CPAZ (Charity Promotion Association of Zhuhai) 珠海市心促, which promotes social activism and public welfare through a range of projects and aims to provide compassionate assistance to vulnerable sectors of society.

ZAS (Zhuhai Autism Society) 珠海市自, which is a non-profit organization set up by the parents of autistic children under the auspices of the Zhuhai Civil Affairs Bureau to offer the appropriate education and help the children and young adults gain the skills they will need to have fulfilling lives on a personal but also professional level.


InternChina - Come Together 2015
InternChina – Come Together 2015


Everyone’s hard work paid off and once again thanks to all the wonderful people helping out!!

InternChina - Come Together 2015 Organisers
InternChina – Come Together 2015 Organisers




For more information on the CT Community, please visit their webpage.

Events in Zhuhai

COME TOGETHER 2014: Charity, Music and loads of fun

It´s all about bringing people together for a good purpose. The annual Come Together charity event this year was held on Saturday the 13th of September in the Beishan Theatre in Zhuhai. But what exactly is Come Together? It´s an annual charity music festival underlined by the idea to bring expats and locals together for a great day of live music, fun games and a variety of delicious food with the wonderful aim of raising as much money as possible for local charities.
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This year, the money raised went to two amazing, local charities; the Charity Promotion Association of Zhuhai (CPAZ) and the Zhuhai Autism Society. Both charities are delighted with the total amount that the event raised; an unbelievable 155,000 RMB and we can definitely call it a huge success. The money will benefit the lives and futures of so many young children by enabling them to have a good education. We are so happy to be involved with improving the futures of so many young people.

Aside from the huge amount raise for the charities, there was also an abundance of great live performances from our amazing acts. From Monsoon to Coconut Sunset, from Chairman Wow! to Tommy Chung Trio, there was a great variety of music for all to enjoy.  And our headline act of the night, The High Rollers, did a superb job of getting everybody dancing and into the music.

InternChina @ CT mmexport1410919942451

Altogether, the event managed to draw in over 1,000 generous people for the day to the new Beishan Theatre, which was triple the number of people compared to last year. Come Together will be held again next year and will certainly draw in an even bigger crowd in 2015. We are extremely excited to be a part of it next year and look forward to seeing all of you again!

Overall, it was a massive success for us as our volunteers helped everything run smoothly and therefore we would like to thank all of our volunteers who supported the event. The InternChina Zhuhai office bar also made a great contribution to the final amount.

InternChina Bar mmexport1410920089891




Article written by Kevin Kowalczyk | Intern at InternChina

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IC Coming Together Again and Other Events

Come together poster


With the Ice Bucket Challenge drowning everything else on social media, I thought I’d stick to the charity theme with this post, but stay away from the ice cubes!

In China, virtually all the vast amount of charitable work is coordinated by government departments. However, many NGOs also operate in China and here at InternChina we are proud to work with some brilliant organisations in Zhuhai and Chengdu in particular.

In Zhuhai we have been involved in coordinating an annual charity event called Come Together for 3 years – The event raises money for the Zhuhai Autism Society and CPAZ, a children’s charity we have also placed interns with in the past. CPAZ supports families who cannot afford the basic equipment, travel and lunch costs for their children at school, as well as providing school fees for children from migrant families who do not have access to free education. It’s a brilliant cause and IC are very proud to be involved! I am visiting Zhuhai in a couple of weeks and am excited about Come Together 2014 on the 13th September!

In Chengdu we are also organising a charity event on 14th September. The inaugural Chengdu Charity Football Tournament, which we are organising alongside the British Chamber of Commerce SW China, will support the Chengdu NGO ‘CRDF’. The Chinese Relief & Development foundation (CRDF) provides relief for victims of natural disasters, primarily in Sichuan province. We have placed several interns with the NGO and are very proud to support their work in Chengdu.

Our NGO internships are listed here: and here

Get in touch for more information about attending our charity events or donating to the good causes we support!

Zhuhai InternChina Events

Come together Charity in Zhuhai

Giving 60 children the opportunity to go to school- that was the headline of the day in Zhuhai. On September 1st InternChina helped organise a Charity-Event ‘Come together’ in the Beishan theatre to help raise money to buy children equipment to go to school.

InternChina – Charity

The collected money from the Charity Event ‘Come together’ was given to the children today at their new school. The head-organizers of ‘Come together’ gave the envelopes to the children and got compensated with an affecting speech of one of the kids.

InternChina – Donation

InternChina and a lot of InternChina interns helped to collect money for the school education of 50 children. Several live bands and DJs, a BBQ, a donation and a raffle helped to collect enough money to buy 60 children their whole school equipment.

InternChina – School

After the event was such a big success and after everyone saw the smiling children practicing their English, everybody was sure, that there will be a ‘Come together’ next year.

InternChina – Happy Children

Thanks again everybody for helping and for making all of this happen.

Zhuhai InternChina Events

‘Come together’-Charity Event

Helping to provide local Chinese children with an education at school while listening to great live-music. For most of us here in Zhuhai, that was the main priority this weekend. On Saturday 1st InternChina helped organise a Charity-Event ‘Come together’ in the Beishan theatre to help raise money to buy children equipment to go to school.

InternChina – Donation

Several bands from HongKong and Macau, like The High Rollers, Tommy Chung and the Chicago Blues and The Bu Hao Boys came to be a part of ‘Come together’ and made sure the Event became a big Party. While helping to collect money for a good cause, people also had a good time dancing and laughing the whole night, in very impressive scenery.

InternChina – Band

The Beishan Theatre and the Beishan Hall were built in the Qing dynasty, where the traditional Chinese Flair will hook you in immediately. Beishan was surrounded by small alleys, small Chinese shops, where men were playing cards till late at night and people were enjoying a barbecue on the street. It really did feel like you are in a completely different world.

InternChina – Zhuhai

Having fun in that incredible atmosphere made everyone excited to help out and be part of this charity project.  All the intern volunteers had important tasks that they needed to do which included: coordinating the seven live bands, helping with the sound and light on stage, arranging the raffle and the donation and a lot more.

InternChina – Moderator

The money raised means that there is enough money collected to buy more than 50 kids their whole school equipment, so overall the charity event was a success!

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Chinese Painting Class

On Saturday, Intern China Qingdao organized a painting class for all the interns in Qingdao including their host families. A famous painting teacher taught us how to paint flowers and it seemed surprisingly easy, however, it was more difficult than expected. The whole painting class lasted about 1-2 hours and we sure had a great time and as you can see by these pictures taken during the painting class, everyone was busy with their paintings. Some even turned out to have some hidden talent… and unfortunately some not. The painting class was a culture activity that we hoped to bring the interns to get to know the host families. Altogether, it was a nice experience and we could even bring home our paintings to keep it as a memory.