Dajia hao!
Last weekend I took a trip to Hong Kong! It’s only an hour long ferry ride if you live in Zhuhai, and it felt like a nice thing to do before Christmas. Last time I was there it was summer and very hot outside, but this time I had to put on my winter coat. I was expecting a lot of Christmas decoration and music everywhere, however Hong Kong was not as Christmassy as I thought it would be. On my first day I visited the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, because a friend of mine is studying there and it blew me away! All the buildings are very tall and everything looked so modern. The students there have a great view as well. Afterwards I met up with my friends from Zhuhai and we went to the Temple Street, which was not that spectacular during day time, however close by we found the Jade Market which was quite impressive! I’ve never seen so much jade, gold, jewels etc. in one place. Even though most of it was probably fake, I couldn’t not buy anything, I do have a weakness for shiny things. In the evening we went to Victoria Peak and the view from there was truly amazing! Later we went to see the club and bar streets. I’ve always wanted to see how the night life is like in Hong Kong. The streets were full of young people and most of them looked as if they’ve just jumped out of magazine. The atmosphere was great, but the prices were really high, so instead of getting drunk, we ended up having a ginger bread cream cake and French fries at the McDonalds. The next day we went to the Avenue of Stars and the Harbor. The view was very nice, especially after they’ve put on the Christmas lights on the buildings in the evening. My weekend in Hong Kong was really great! I’m really glad to live in Zhuhai and have the opportunity to visit all these amazing cities!

Zaijian everyone!