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Stereotype & Prejudice – Part 3

Chinese get drunk easily

True or false?
True. Most Chinese can’t really drink a lot without getting drunk, BUT they still like to go out! So if you are (male and) going out with Chinese for dinner, they will make you drink a lot for sure! It is not very polite to refuse a drink offered by your host and Chinese love to ganbei (干杯 – dry cup). But of course you can say that you already had too much, just blame your poor foreign stomach. 😉
For women it is not that bad. Chinese girls normally don’t like to drink, because they get drunk so fast and it’s not ‘appropriate’ for them to be or get drunk.

KTV: Chinese love it!
True or false?
True. Not everybody likes karaoke singing though and going out for KTV is a serious thing in China. And it is also not true that Chinese only worship this Japanese invention and don’t do anything else in the evening. There are quite a lot of bars and clubs in Chinese towns (at least in the bigger ones) and especially young people like to go out for a drink and dance.

Chinese food: The real deal is disgusting
True or false?
False! Chinese food is amazing! There is some stuff you will not be used to eat and if you are not vegetarian like me, you will be surprised to find out that Chinese don’t value meat without bone in it, but in general the Chinese food is a lot better than the “Chinese food” you get in Europe. I also talked to a lot of people who were afraid of using chopsticks. Don’t worry, first: It’s easier than you might think, second: you can get spoons in most restaurants and third: Chinese will be happy to teach you! 😉

by Hanna

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