Startup Happiness Officer

Position Code: LISBS14

Company Introduction:

This is a startup studio in downtown Lisbon, that repeatedly ideate, builds, and grows several startups in parallel, based on a lean process with a cross-disciplinary team and shared resources.

You will be assigned a company and role that is tightly related to your personal background.

Role: Startup Happiness Officer

Internship Description:

You’ll work with the management team on setting up a world-class Incubation program for young entrepreneurs and startups from all over the world.


Required profile:

• Persistent and self-starter, you never give up.
• You are autonomous and business-driven.
• Strong communicator both in writing and in speaking.
• Able to work independently on a variety of projects and manage your time effectively.
• Organized and detail-oriented.
• You are a hard worker with good analytical skills.

This job has been tailored for you if you have…

• A passion for solving customer problems and delivering customer happiness
• You learn quickly and are very curious.
• You have a lot of energy and use it to continue to improve.

We are meant to work together if…

• You have a positive attitude: highly motivated to achieve results and success, with the
ability to be entrepreneurial, creative, and intellectually curious.