Marketing and Web Development

Internship Code: BERMA03

Company Description:

We are a Berlin-based start-up developing a hardware for cancer diagnostics using AI as an enabling technology, targetingĀ hospitals and clinics. Our technology helps examine the biomarkers of cancer tumor cells which will not only lead to quicker diagnosis but should also makes it easier to identify effective treatment.

We are a strong and ambitious team. We have the support of leading researchers as well as pharma industry. We won best pitch at OptecBB pitch competition 2021, recognized as the best start-up by a selection committee, and been accepted to a start-up accelerator program.

Internship Position:

Marketing & Website Development

Internship Description:

We would like interns to help us with various tasks including:

  • Lead marketing campaign (Monitor, coordinate Tasks and validate results)
  • Website design (using WordPress or HTML/CSS/JS)
  • Graphic Design (create logo, schematics and stock photos)
  • UX Design (Identify and eliminate struggles for users / give feedback on pitches etc.)
  • Social media (Create pages / short image stories to attract investors / customer / partners)
  • Collect, review and report analytics for Website etc.

Internship Requirements:

  • English is our company language, German would be a bonus
  • Experience in any cross platform programming language (like python, C, JS)
  • Experience in using graphic design tools (Illustrator, Inkscape)
  • Any experience in social media marketing, copywriting, basic graphic or web design would be helpful
  • Interested in business development, communications and growth marketing strategies