Digital Marketing Intern for a Marketing Agency

Position Code: MADMA02


Company Introduction

We are a small digital marketing and communications agency that helps startups, entrepreneurs, and small business owners scale and grow their companies through customer-oriented marketing strategies. We are currently based in Madrid, servicing clients all over the world.
We also provide our service to different agencies that want to grow ans scale their teams and agencies and require specialized and personalized service.


Role: Digital Marketing Intern


Internship Description


This person would preferably be in marketing, advertising, or a business career that wants to learn processes, strategy planning, and business execution for small businesses. A medium level of English would be preferable and also some introductory Spanish.

Main tasks and responsibilities will be:

  1. Collaborating in social media content strategy for the company and clients. Creation, research, and execution
  2. Supporting daily client tasks. Perform Campaign follow-up, reports, and communication.
  3. Providing support to the team on the production and delivery of visual content for client’s campaigns
  4. Help in managing the company’s social media on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Tik Tok
  5. Participation in the generation of marketing plans, communication strategies, and construction of digital campaigns for various audiences
  6. Support in the development and improvement of the company’s web page content, keywords, and graphics
  7. Assist in the creation process for our online course through thinkific. Presentation, visuals, and research



Some basic marketing knowledge would be nice.