Legal GDPR Project

Internship Reference: SGLA06

Company Description:

You will be working alongside a consultant who is working a computer software company that is creating the future of embedded finance through a suite of award-winning self-sovereign identity and secure data passporting technologies and a powerful privacy-first financial services cross-offering platform.

He is also working alongside various Business Chambers in Vietnam that support the business community from their relevant countries in Vietnam to do business in Vietnam through various services. First and foremost this includes acting as an intermediary between their members – the business community – and local, national, regional and European authorities, where they lobby on their members’ behalf, advocate for improvements to the business environment, raise awareness on key issues and disseminate information on doing business in Vietnam and the region.

Internship Position:

Legal Advisor

Internship Description:

The internship will be directed toward a study of the regulation of data protection & privacy regulation. The intern will have the challenging task of understanding those regulations for Vietnam, ASEAN and, if possible, at a global level. It will be important to understand the general patterns emerging in the regulation while highlighting the specificity of Vietnam. Not only will the intern have to clearly identify the daunting issues, but he or she will also have to propose solutions to problems where there is none known to date. For example, ‘how can one cope with the issue of government access to personal information in the context of a cross-border data flow’.

The intern will have access to up to date regulatory documents and relevant articles to the extent of the possibilities provided by the connections the supervisors has within the Chamber of Commerces and governments. Since the internship is talking about regulation of the digital world, it will pertain to new technologies, such as Cloud Computing, Cryptography, AI Networks and IoT to name a few.

Internship Requirements:

  • A general understanding of technological concepts along with a keen interest in their impact on our society is a must.
  • Independence and research and presentation skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Studying or background in law
  • A very strong interest in the laws and regulations surrounding data protection and willing to go ‘deep’ with their research