Culinary Arts Internship

Internship Reference: DLHT08

Company Introduction:

This company is the leading provider of European fine pastry and bakery products in North-East China. Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Dalian,  this company has shops in 9 cities altogether and is still growing at a fast pace today. It is raising the bar of fine pastry products in China to a new level and has ambitious expansion plans.

The year 2016 is critical to the company’s further development, comprising of 3 important projects for this year:

  • Being listed on the stock market
  • Opening of a culinary school
  • Being the best European bakery

Internship Position:

Culinary Arts Supervisor

Internship Description:

  • Manage a small team
  • Handle day to day operations (preparation, baking sessions, in-shop display …)
  • Develope a portfolio for our new line of products


  • Conversational level English
  • Expertise in refined pastries and bakeries
  • Preferably students / graduates from a culinary art school