Digital Marketing Intern

Internship Reference: SGMA28

Company Introduction

The company established in 2010, helps companies obtain greater transparency over their operations through data visualization. Their clients include global international companies, with head-offices in Europe, America and Asia. Within these companies, their main points of contact are the heads of internal audit, internal control and sometimes the Chief Finance Officer or Chief Executive Officer.

Typically, this consulting firm produces dashboards based on data from SAP systems. These dashboards show key indicators from the main business processes, including purchasing, sales, finance, as well as stock management, HR and fixed assets.  The dashboards provide summary information, presented as pie charts, line graphs, scatter diagrams, that can also be used to drill down to the detail in the form of a table.

Historically, the company’s work has been consulting-based. However, in order to fuel a 10-fold increase in the size of the business in 2020, their strategy is now turning to product-based sales, at the low-end of the value chain. To this end they will be soon offering customers basic software and information products.

Internship Position

Digital Marketing Intern

Internship Description

As part of our product-based sales strategy, we require an intern to help us to launch our digital marketing campaign. The intern will work on our chosen digital marketing platform “Click Funnels”. They will be required to learn how to use Click Funnels, and also they will be required to learn about the philosophy and strategy behind Click Funnels (they will need to study four books on Click Funnels). Then they will be required to help test the company’s information products.  Once they have a good understanding of the products, they will design the digital marketing strategy and Road Map. The next step will be to roll-out out that Road Map. This will entail identifying the target audiences (social media platforms, chat groups, etc.), creating about 300 corporate videos, snapshots, tag lines, etc. concerning our products, as well as blogs, and adverts. Once the material is ready, the intern will then use the Click Funnels platform to run the digital marketing campaigns through different social media platforms.


● Optimism
● High-energy
● Creativity
● Fun-attitude to work
● Ability to work in a team with our programmers
● ‘Get things done’ attitude
● A love of technology
● A sense of commitment and determination
● Humility and the ability to listen and adapt