Course Promotion Marketing Intern

Position Code: LISBS26

Company Introduction:

This is an executive coaching firm for C-Level and senior executives (mostly in financial services, but not limited to). They have clients at major institutions, such as J&J, Deutsche Bank, and major European hedge funds.

Their executive coaching focuses mostly on negotiation and persuasion (persuading board members or executives to back an idea, helping close more sales, negotiate better contacts and more).

They use proprietary techniques gathered from experience coaching MIT startups, hedge fund negotiations, as well as from other nonpublic sources.

Role: Course Promotion Marketing Intern

Internship Description:

They currently have a selection of courses on topics such as negotiation, finance fundamentals, and others.

These courses, however, have a higher production value than the ones on Udemy, and they could be sold on their private funnel to increase profits (possibly, by a very big margin).

They are looking for a marketing intern who can help them market the courses. In the first stage, they want to increase traffic to the Udemy courses, and at a later stage, they want to create their own funnel and sell them privately.


Speaking English fluently is the only major requirement.

Understanding the topics within each course does help, naturally. For example, what is the typical profile of someone that enrolls into a Private Equity course? These help, but are not necessary, as customer personas can be provided.