Community Manager

Position Code: MANMA32

Company Introduction:

The mission is to enable both local and online businesses to quickly attract influencers with a product offering and receive instantly branded content in return. The business has created a platform to allow Brands and Creators to interact, form relationships, and build content together.

Role: Community Management Internship

Internship Description:

Daily tasks:

  • Building an email list and producing content for our newsletter
  • Vetting and outreaching to qualifying influencers
  • Using our data insights to analyse and onboard influencers based on their offer performance
  • Present and report on the impact of influencer and offer performance across the platform.
  • Managing brand accounts to ensure all requirements are met in time.


  • Hitting growth targets to create a best in class influencer community
  • Ensuring a brands campaign requirements are met
  • Creating social media content to educate and connect with wider audiences to become a market leader


Strong communication and literature skills for our newsletter
A good understanding of Social Media especially Facebook, Instagram & TikTok