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InternChina’s Unique Application Process Explained

InternChina are proud to be the provider of internships in China with an ethical and transparent approach to arranging top quality internships, across a wide variety of sectors.
The most unique factor of our application process, is that you are able to discuss and confirm your internship with the host company of your choice before committing to the programme or making any payment whatsoever.

We have put together a short explanation below that explains each step and how InternChina guides you through the process as quickly and efficiently as possible.

1.    Register your interest in the programmes by submitting your details via the application form below.
2.    A member of InternChina’s European team will get back to you as soon as possible with some suitable internship suggestions for you to look over and consider applying for, based on the application you submitted.
3.    You would then let the member of the InternChina team know which companies and internships you would like to apply for, your preference in start date, duration of time in China, accommodation and general programme preferences.
4.    Your application will then be passed to one of the members of staff based in China, who would provide more details on the positions you have shown an interest in, destination and get you introduced to the internship supervisor at the host companies, you are wanting to be consider for.
5.    A Skype interview is usually conducted between yourself and host company, for you to find out more about the company, internship duties and project you will be working on. The host company will also use this opportunity to decide if they would like to accept you for the position.
6.    The member of staff from InternChina who is overseeing the application would then seek confirmation from you and the host company that both sides are happy to take part and provide the internship.
7.    If the company is not the right fit, InternChina has hundreds of companies and interesting positions to choose from and can simply suggest alternatives internships to apply for. If the host company is happy to accept you and you are happy to accept their offer, InternChina will get you all booked in!
8.    A member of the InternChina team based in the city where you are heading to, or from one of our European teams will then be able to go through all the required pre-departure steps and get you ready for an unforgettable and life changing time in China.

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