Hey everyone, I am the new intern at Intern China and I am here to stay for 6 months. I came all the way from Sweden to Qingdao, China and it sure was a long trip, however, I am happy to say that I’m finally here!!!!
There is not really much to say about me besides that I’m from Sweden and I come from a multicultural family whereas my ethnic roots descend from China and Vietnam. You probably wonder why I chose to come to China? The answer is really simple… I have always been fascinated by cultural differences and how to negotiate between cultures. Moreover, I have a strong passion for learning new things and especially languages. Maybe it had to do with the fact that I was brought up in a very multicultural environment where I spoke three different languages on a daily basis.

I have been in China now for almost one week and so far, everything has been great here in Qingdao and as well in the office. The staffs are really nice and I do not feel uncomfortable around them, which, is great! The city as well has a lot to offers such as the incredible food. There are food from all over the world such as Japanese cuisine, Korean cuisine, American cuisine and etc. I was also very surprised over how cheap the transportation is in Qingdao! To take the bus cost less than 1 euro!!!! To take the cab costs around 1-2 euro for a 15-20 min ride…really cheap!!!!

Before I came to China, I was an exchange student in Taiwan for about 5 months and after that, I went to study abroad again but this time in South Korea for another 4 months. While I was in these two countries, I encountered numerous of cultural shocks and differences. For example the language! However, during my 4 months in Taiwan I managed to learn the language and this made me come even closer to the locals. While in South Korea, I learned that the social life is really different to our Western culture but of course in a good way.
Since both of my experiences of going abroad have turned out to be very successful, I thought why not go to China??? So, I packed my bags and decided to come to Qingdao but this time for work and not for studies. What I have learned from my two trips is that, if you come with an open mind, you will experience many incredible things.