Me, Philipp and Marta decided to try something different and brave the “Chinese Fire Massage” last night, which is basically where they cover you with a few towels and alcohol and then up in flames you go. We went to a really small, intimate place which was recommended by Yifan; there were two people working there and it turned out to be their flat as well, complete with toothbrushes on a shelf in the toilet! (/restroom/WC/politically correct room.) I was the first to try it after seemingly being picked by the guy; although I’m convinced that this was Marta’s doing who, as the only Chinese speaker, wanted to test it out on a willing victim before she had a go herself! After lying down on the bed they began to cover me with the sheets. It was definitely one of those occasions when you’re thinking “what the hell is this going to be like?!” A bit unnerving but fun and interesting at the same time. It actually turned out to be really relaxing, with just a gentle heat relaxing and soothing my 200-pounds-of-sheer-muscle frame. You could hear the flames crackling they were so close to your head, and yet it felt similar to being wrapped in a giant electric blanket. The fire massage lasted for about 20-25 minutes which I think is pretty good value even though it was Y100. Afterwards they put some unknown liquid on your back with a bit of cling-film, and a few minutes later this is far hotter than the fire massage itself! But again we all found it very relaxing and managed to get some sleep (a siesta in Marta’s case and a German efficiency-boosting body sleep regulator in Philipp’s.) Great fun, now we’re going to have to try another one!
Ben & Philipp