Visa Application Page


Choose which visa centre you would like to submit your visa application to and complete the application form so we can create your invitation letter and advise accordingly. Please ensure you have at least three free pages in your passport and your passport has a minimum of 6 months remaining until expiry from the date your programme is scheduled to finish.

Instructions for doing your visa application may vary depending on where you intend to submit the application. We may recommend you apply by post to a visa center that is not your closest option.

You must ensure that this form is completed five weeks prior to your departure.

Important information:

  • The cost of the visa and any potential travel costs to and from the visa centre (if required) will not be covered by Pagoda Projects or its InternChina & InternVietnam Brands unless otherwise stated
  • If you do not complete the visa application form correctly as per instructions you may be charged the processing fee and have to submit an additional application

If you have any questions about the process, need to update your passport or have any other considerations please get in touch with our team


Please double check the information your provide on the form below before submitting as it will be used for your invitation letter.

If any details do not match the information on your passport, your application will be rejected.