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Teaching in China: Current Restrictions and Opportunities

China & English Teaching History

China has been introducing English teachers through its borders for hundreds of years – dating back as far as the 17th Century. Despite this trend being temporarily halted due to China’s cultural revolution, people were soon able to teach in China from the 1970s. Since then, English has become a popular language for trade, tourism, and education with up to 650 million learners in China. With this staggering statistic, it’s no wonder why teaching English in China has become a gateway for foreigners who wish to explore the nation.

Covid-19 & Changes to Teaching

In early 2020, China found itself in a battle against an invisible invader. Covid-19 had not only caused a lot of harm to the global economy and population. It also created difficulties among foreign teachers residing in China. Teaching English almost instantly transitioned to online with some having to return to their home nations to wait out the pandemic. Online teaching had been issued throughout China, marking the first time online education delivery had been permitted (at this scale).

So what is happening with teaching English in China right now? Well, it is proving to be difficult to go to China as the nation holds some of the strictest regulations for Covid-19. China had also brought in new legislation in July 2021 that would have big implications for the teaching industry. As education becomes increasingly competitive (and expensive for parents), China decided to alleviate the stress by effectively restricting the hours of teaching and who is able to teach. Whilst there are some teachers in China that are teaching, it is most likely down to their relationship with the school or the government has allowed that person to continue teaching.

So What Can I Do?

So, you want to teach in China but have no idea what to do in a situation as dire as this. Well, hope is not lost! Despite online teaching being banned and several after school agencies slowly closing down. Here at Pagoda we have your solution. We are extremely thrilled to announce that we have a Teach in China programme commencing September 2022. We are teaming up with CEAIE* to bring the ONLY Chinese government-backed 2022 programme for all you aspiring English teachers.

*China Education Association for International Exchange

Pagoda Project’s Teach in China Opportunity (Government-Backed)

Our Teach in China programme is an all-inclusive programme which aims to strengthen China’s international relations and help graduates develop transferable skills, build a global network, expand cultural fluency, and explore Asia. As it is government-sponsored, we therefore require no deposit or programme fees!

In short, the programme includes:

  • 10 month Paid teaching contract in a state school with a competitive salary – With the option to stay longer
  • Return flights to China
  • Accommodation
  • Food Vouchers
  • TEFL qualification
  • Teacher Training
  • Guidance & support

Does it sound too good to be true? You can find out more details on our website:

Register your Interest in our Programme

If you finished having a Google about our programme and wish to get in touch with us, here is what you should do!

Are you eligible?

  • Citizen of UK/Australia/New Zealand/South Africa/USA/Canada/Ireland
  • Native English Speaker
  • Clean Criminal Record
  • 22-55 years old
  • Bachelor’s Degree or above (Any Subject)

If eligible, please register your interest here – .