Taipei Pre-Departure Information

We hope this information helps ease your mind before your Taiwan experience. If you have some questions which are not answered on this page, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help!

We need to ask for a few quick details regarding health and safety. Please fill out the Participant Details Form before you go!

Booked your flights? Great! Fill in the Arrival Details Form so we can pick you up from the airport!

You are covered under our travel insurance policy. Please download the insurance summary here.

Going abroad for an extended period of time can be a big adjustment. Download our Self Care Plan to help prepare yourself and make the most of your time abroad.

What skills do you have? What skills are you hoping to develop? Do some self-reflection and fill in a Competency Survey. We’ll ask you again at the end of your programme!

Worried about the language barrier? Mandarin Blueprint are offering a free Mandarin Pronounciation course. Help yourself prepare!

Still got questions? Read through some of the FAQs below and let us know if anything is missing!


As soon as you have confirmed your programme with InternChina and returned your signed booking form! This will allow time to find the cheapest possible flight and choose the most suitable for you.

InternChina recommends booking your flights through our official partner STA Travel, they will find the best, cheapest route for you, which you can find out more and book here.

If you want to book flights yourself please remember to book your flights all the way through to your final destination city Taipei. This would make it an easier and less stressful journey for you as it means you wouldn’t have to check out and check your luggage back in, for example if you booked a separate internal flight. It also prevents you from having to book another flight if you missed that one because of a delayed connecting flight.

Also, please keep in mind that it is more convenient and easier for the airport pickup service if you can book flights that arrive in daylight hours in the weekdays. Just to confirm that our airport pickup service is only available from Taipei. We cannot pick you up from any other cities.


There are plenty of flight options to the capital of Taiwan, Taipei. Taipei’s primary international airport is officially named Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. Some websites have failed to update the from the old name which is old name, Chiang Kai Shek International Airport (abbreviates as CKS). Most flights are to/from Taoyuan instead of the smaller Songshan Airport located in central Taipei, which caters for regional and domestic flights.

InternChina recommends using our official partner STA Travel – world leaders in student and youth travel for exclusive airfares to Taiwan, stopover options and multi-stop itineraries. Get your free quote for the required international flights directly here.

Once you have booked a programme with InternChina, STA Travel will let you know the best airfare prices for your trip and help you through the whole process of booking your international flight.

They will help you save money, make the most of your stay and beyond and with 24/7 global help

STA Travel Airfares – Exclusive Student Youth Airfares
+ Secure your seat and airfare for just ÂŁ49!
+ Change dates for free after you leave – purchase a flexi pass before you go from £29!

Here is a summary of the benefits, but if you want to get a quote for your international flights please contact STA directly here.


Fully comprehensive medical and travel insurance is included in your programme – Please do not purchase additional cover! The IC member of staff who has finalised your programme should have sent these details through already, but feel free to request more details at any time if you need these again.

Must-have requirements for Passport:

– Be valid for at least 6 months from your arrival date in Taiwan (3 months if you have a Japanese Passport).
– Have at least two blank pages to have the visa attached.
– No water damage or damage to the photo page.


Taiwanese currency is Taiwan New Dollar (TWD), to check exchange rates we would recommend you use the website


For advice on how to budget during your stay in Taipei, please check out our blog here:

It is always best to exchange some money into Taiwan New Dollar before coming to Taiwan. We would recommend 2000-4000 NTD just to get you through the first couple of days. Once you arrive, you can exchange money in banks using your passport, as well as withdraw money from the many ATMs. You should always let your bank know that you will be in Taiwan so that they do not block your card whilst trying to use it. Do not forget to ask your bank whether there will be any charges to withdraw money in Taiwan.

For participants coming from the UK: we recommend ordering a Debit Card from a Digital Bank such as Starling Bank or Monzo Both banks offer free withdrawals from any part of the world. Download the app whilst in the UK and the card will be with you within a week.

For participants coming from Germanys: DKB Credit Card allows you to withdraw money from every ATM for free (all over the world). To order the credit card it takes about 2-3 weeks.

InternChina would recommend to our participants using specific travel currency cards, they allow you to access your money in Taiwan without any issues as they will be accepted at the majority of cash machines and are much safer than carrying a large amounts of cash with you.

To request one of these cards, simply get in touch with a representative from STA Travel here and they will be able to provide full details about the many benefits.



However, InternChina strongly recommends you consult your local GP/doctor. This is to avoid any unwanted illness and could also invalidate your insurance! Remember to mention any countries you wish to visit in the region during the duration of your placement/internship in Taipei!

The first step would be to chat to your local GP and ask them what you need. There most probably won’t be anything that you specifically need to get for Taiwan but you may need top-ups in Hepatitis A and B, Typhoid, Tetanus-Diphtheria and Measles, if you do not already have them. For further details:

For your visa application, the process is very straight forward, requiring you to fill in one form, attach a passport sized photo, send documentation (which we will send to you by email), along with your passport for the Taipei Representative Office Visa Centre in your home country to physically add the visa to a blank page. You should also submit a photocopy of your passport’s photo page with your application. If you are applying by post, you will need to include a letter with your return address on for the visa centre to send your passport back to you.

Our team will be in contact with further instructions on how and when to apply as soon as you sign your booking form.


When packing your suitcase, there are a few essential things to consider bringing to Taiwan.

These essentials include:
+ Copies of passport, insurance and other documents
+ Eye mask & earplugs (For long plane journey)
+ Laptop
+ Power adapters (Taiwan has the same electrical standard as the US and Canada: 110V, 60Hz AC. Electrical sockets have two vertical slots. If you bring appliances from Europe, Australia or Southeast Asia, you’ll need an adaptor or transformer.)
+ Western medicine (common pharmaceuticals e.g. Imodium for stomach issues, Ibuprofen for pain relief, Allergy tablets etc)
+ Deodorant, hand sanitizer and other toiletries (May be more expensive & difficult to find in Taiwan)

* If you are very tall or have a large foot size, we would suggest you bring enough shoes and clothes because it can be difficult to find them in your size in Taiwan.
* Girls-Tampons are difficult to find so best to bring them with you.
You can purchase most things in the many international superstores located in Taiwan, so no need to bring your whole wardrobe with you! Depending how long you are coming for, we would recommend that you only bring what you really need and you will be able to find the rest here.

Depending on the time of year you have booked your programme for, we would recommend packing the following with you:

+ Smart casual clothing for your internship
+ At least one formal attire for special occasions
+ Sunglasses
+ Sun cream & insect repellent
+ Sandals/flip flops
+ Swim wear (Taiwan’s swim wear may be slightly different to western swim wear so bring your own)
+ Towel

+ Smart casual clothing for your internship
+ At least one formal attire for special occasions
+ Sweaters, waterproof Jackets & coats
+ Waterproof shoes

In your welcome package, you will also receive a Taiwanese sim card to use during your stay in Taiwan so make sure that your phone is UNLOCKED before you leave for Taiwan as it can be difficult to do it once you’re here and you might have to buy a new phone which is compatible for the Taiwanese sim. We are also able to cut your new sim card to fit your phone when you arrive at the office for orientation.

The Welcome pack also includes: a Metro card to travel around on public transport in Taipei and an accompanying map, a branded water bottle, a draw-string bag and T-shirt, too!

If you have a smartphone we would recommend you download these apps before coming to Taiwan:

-Google Maps (
Get all the walking, train, bus, and cycling routes plus travel time. Just turn on location, input the addresses, follow the blue line, and you’ll get there…eventually.)

-LINE (Taiwan and Japan’s version of WhatsApp)

-PLECO (Chinese Dictionary)

-Tour Taiwan (Developed by the local gov’t, Tour Taiwan is an all-in-one travel app available in English, Chinese, and Japanese. Use it to find specific info in Taiwan, from best accommodations and restaurants to particular spots such as travelers’ service centers, police stations, and hospitals. Pro-tip: Use it to brush up on popular tourist destinations, news, and local festivities!)

Before you get off the plane landing in Taipei, we would recommend that you note down InternChina’s contact details, address, and telephone number ready to hand in at the airport.

Taipei Office:


B1F, No. 343 ,Changchun Road, Songshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan

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