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How Chengdu became a success – Paul Yeandle

Our office manager from Chengdu, Paul Yeandle shares his vision about the progress made through the recent year.
“A year ago I was just finishing my internship through InternChina in Chengdu, with 3 months of great experience under my belt I had developed my network and was keen to stay in China and had already developed a strong network of people who would go on to be business partners, friends and in some cases people who were just helpful to help develop our business in Chengdu.

Today I sit in our head office (visiting our QD team) on the back of a busy and successful summer and a day after hosting our first CSR event. We are always cautious to congratulate ourselves too much but I feel that in the last year in Chengdu we have made strong strides forward in one of the quickest developing cities in China.


Starting an office in any Chinese city is a daunting prospect, but I can definitely say that the office I inherited had been built on strong foundations and I was lucky to take on the role as Office Manager with already a number of fantastic companies in place, key contacts secured and a strong intern team – all of which we have continued to build on during 2014.


We now work with over 60 companies in Chengdu and have placed over 70 students and graduate so far this year alone in Chengdu; this included a large number of Generation UK students, a study field trip for two weeks from DeMontfort University and individuals from over 10 countries. Also during this period we have held our first Charity event, allowing us to support the local community whilst also having a lot of fun!


Whilst acknowledging our successes, we appreciate the need to continue to work hard to provide the highest level of service for our clients, develop our business to create and foster internships suitable for our international clients and work within the local community to cement our future in Chengdu and ensure the continued success of our business.”

Chengdu becomes a land of unlimited possibilities. You can learn all about China’s Silicon Valley here!

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One year anniversary: InternChina in Chengdu!

Soon it will be Chinese New Year – the year of the Snake will come to an end and the year of the horse will begin!Around this time one year ago, I moved from Qingdao to Chengdu to set-up a new office for InternChina. My colleague Leo  from Qingdao joined me for the ramp up phase – there was a lot to do: Finding a suitable office location, equipping the office with furniture, computers and printers, hiring staff, renting apartments, finding partner companies, to finding Chinese families for our Homestay program… It was a lot of work but it was very exciting and rewarding!

InternChina - Co-Founder Frank Lenhardt, Jenny Hofmann and Leo Wang
InternChina – Co-Founder Frank Lenhardt, Jenny Hofmann and Leo Wang

So, where are we now?

  • We have placed 40 students with partner companies across the city in different  fields of industries. Check out our youtube channel to watch the video references from Ryan, Lars and Martha.
  • We successfully established a co-operation with an excellent Chinese language school who are teaching  customized Mandarin Group Classes and 1-on-1 classes to our clients!
  • We have hired Kenny Qing as our local Customer Relations Manager!
  • We hired Paul Yeandle who is currently undergoing training and will become the future Office Manager.
  • We have had numerous of great interns from Germany, UK, Canada and China in our office supporting us during a busy and exciting time!
  • We have organized many great trips and activities in and around Chengdu (e.g. Jiuzhaigou Valley, Emeishan, the Giant Buddha in Leshan and of course our popular Thursday dinners!)
  • We have built up wide networks amongst local corporations within the city, Chinese families, educational institutes and business associations.
  • We are going to run two customized Group Programs in Chengdu – one for a German university and one for a Canadian university!
  • We are now  ready to welcome at least 150 students this year in Chengdu!

You want to join us in 2014 for an Internship, Homestay, Mandarin Class or Group Program? We welcome your application – send it either directly to or through our website.

InternChina - see you in Chengdu
InternChina – see you in Chengdu

For questions regarding your stay in Chengdu, you can contact our friendly Chengdu-team directly by sending an e-mail to!

I would like to thank the whole InternChina team and all InternChina friends for your support and your strong belief in the success of our team! It was an amazing first year for us in Chengdu and there is so much more to come! XieXie!!!