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Qingdao and its Beautiful Seaside

Previously Stephan gave you good reasons to go to Qingdao, Today, I will focus on the seaside to give you more details about Qingdao´s beauty.
I arrived in September and in this time of the year Qingdao presents itself from its best side. The temperature is surprisingly mild and the sun is shining most of the time.
While most of Germany is already stuck in the middle of an uncomfortable autumn it feels like in Qingdao summer just don’t want to go.
And the best thing Qingdao has to offer in a time like this is definitely its sea.

InternChina- One of the many beaches in Qingdao

If you have an hour or two take your time to discover the coastal area of Qingdao.
One small but nice little beach is only a short walk away from Marina City to feel a little more home.

InternChina- Qingdao’s Lighthouse

Afterwards turn left and start your walk. Along the Sailing Centre, the Darling’s Pier and enjoy escaping the busy streets. While walking along the promenade have a look on the sea and enjoy the white flags of an uncountable number of small sailing boats or watch the fishers emptying their fishing net.  Finish your walk by refreshing your toes in the water or go in there for a little swim.

InternChina- Fisherman in Qingdao

It won’t take much time but these are definitely things you need to see whilst in Qingdao. So try it and discover Qingdao’s nice costal area yourself.

Qingdao is a beautiful city. We offer great internships as well, so apply now.

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Why you should come to Qingdao?

You may already be convinced on the idea of coming to Qingdao. Or you may be thinking about it – you want to do a big trip and make new experiences but you’re not sure if China and especially Qingdao is your thing. Below are some valuable reasons I think you should come to my current place to be, Qingdao.
The Food

InternChina- Qingdao cuisine

Chinese food is delicious, cheap and spicy. You should better learn to eat with sticks too. If you are prepared for that you will have some great culinary experiences. In Qingdao you should especially not miss the seafood. On my first night I had a big Chinese BBQ. You can find it on nearly every corner of the city. Just be open-minded and enjoy.

The Landscape

InternChina- Qingdao is full of beautiful beaches

In Qingdao you can really enjoy the nature. On the one side you have the sea and the beaches. It is great to walk along the beach and watch the sea or spend a chill out day with friends. On the other hand you have a lot of nice mountains to climb. The most famous is Laoshan. It is a great experience to go up and you can truly enjoy the view.

The Sights

InternChina- The impressive Zhanshan Temple

Qingdao can also offer you some nice sights and cultural experiences. Come and check out some more interesting spots in Qingdao. For example Zhanshan temple: it is a Buddhist temple located on ZhiQuan Road. Especially during summer it is great to just go there to picnic and enjoy the day. Another good place to go is the Zhongshan Park. This is the main city park. Inside there is an amusement park, nature garden, carnival and petting Zoo and a Botanical Garden. Besides that Qingdao offers many other great places. Go out and explore!

The Lifestyle

InternChina- Qingdao at night

Another big reason for coming to Qingdao is the lifestyle. You have a big city where you can always find a place to go out. You have great restaurants and the previously mentioned barbecue. For fans of the nightlife you have bars like LPG and Charlie’s as well as nightclubs like Muse and Ye Zhao. You will get to know a mixture of Western and Chinese people there. At the same time you have the opportunities to chill out on the beach or in the park. So whatever mood you are in, in Qingdao you can always find a place that makes you happy.

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Things To Do in Zhuhai

Trip to Hebao Island!

This weekend the Zhuhai InternChina office arranged a trip to Hebao island! It was an incredible island with sandy beaches and great water to swim in. We’d been concerned leading up to the trip because it had been heavily raining in Zhuhai all week. Luckily, when we got to the island we had good weather and were able to swim and even catch a tan!

View of Hebao Island
View of Hebao Island

After a long walk carrying all our camping equipment to the beach, we couldn’t wait to get in the water! As soon as we’d dumped our stuff on the beach we ran into the sea and stayed there for hours. The strong waves made it a lot of fun, (I was completely taken out by waves on numerous occasions!!)

Chilling out in the sea
Chilling out in the sea

When we’d finished playing in the sea and sunning ourselves on the beach it was time to set up the BBQ. The food was amazing! We sat around the BBQ eating and having a few beers which was so relaxing. It was also a great chance to get to know some of the new interns and hang out as a group.

Tasty Island BBQ
Tasty Island BBQ
Playing games on the beach
Playing games on the beach

When we woke up in the morning we were exhausted! A whole day of swimming and partying had taken its toll! However, what better way to freshen up than a morning swim in the sea?

Partying on Hebao Island!
Partying on Hebao Island!

We swam in the sea all morning before it was time to head home. It was definitely a good trip and I was glad that I’d been able to visit one of the hundreds of islands that surround Zhuhai! The only downside is that I’m now in agony from sunburn… but that is totally worth it for the amazing weekend we had!

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Internship Experience

Ma première semaine en Chine!

Et d’une ! Ma première semaine en Chine s’achève et en voici un petit compte rendu.

Après plus de deux mois de paperasserie ça y est je débute mon stage chez InternChina. Bien que l’entreprise se développe rapidement, l’ambiance y est toujours aussi détendue et presque familiale et c’est vraiment agréable de travailler dans cette atmosphère conviviale.

InternChina – View

J’ai directement été intégré à l’équipe et nous formons un bon groupe de travail. Pour vous donner une idée, j’en suis à mon sixième jour et je suis allé mangé 6 fois à l’extérieur après le travail ! Chez InternChina on ne rigole pas avec l’intégration !

Du côté de la météo par contre c’est là ou ça se gate, on a droit tout les jours à des températures glaciales, Hier -8°c, aujourd’hui -11 !! Et quand le vent se lève là ça devient carrément pas drôle du tout. Il à même neigé cette semaine ce qui à rendu encore certains endroits super glissants, so cool… -_-‘

InternChina – Sea

Ce qui est assez comique c’est que nous à Qingdao on gèle sur place tandis qu’au bureau a Zhuhai ils se plaignent qu’il fasse trop chaud avec 30° et quelques… Je crois qu’on travaille au mauvais endroit lol

Et c’est déjà vendredi avec une semaine de congé en vue pour le nouvel an chinois, par contre reprise du boulot samedi et dimanche prochain (faut quand même un peu bosser non?).

Voilà, il ne me reste plus qu’a vous souhaiter un agréable week end et à la prochaine 🙂

Vous aussi vous voulez vivre une expérience agréable à Qingdao ? écrivez nous tout simplement 😉


by Jonathan
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Sailing in Qingdao with InternChina

InternChina – Boats

InternChina – Team Sailing

What better way to spend a brisk Saturday morning than a sail around Qingdao coast.
Like a worried mother I texted the interns in the a.m to wear warm waterproof clothes and rubber shoes so as not to slip and catch a cold.
Armed with a scarf, two jackets, sea sickness pills and a hangover we headed down to marina city in Qingdao where our Skipper Summer was waiting for us.
Realising that it was 25 degrees out we felt silly wearing all our layers, so we stowed them below deck and donned our sun tan lotion.
We smashed a champagne bottle and set off! Waving goodbye to the mass of Chinese people looking down to see us off, we all revelled in the sun, laying about deck looking forward to a quiet afternoon drifting on the ocean..

No sooner had we left the safety of the marina when Summer (a former Olympian who competed in the 2008 Beijing games and who still competes at a national level) was barking orders at us to hoist the stern to tack and whittle the spinnaker portside! It was this moment that I then wished I had brushed up on my sailing terminology….
Luckily one of our interns Lasse had some sailing experience so he lept to attention and started pulling on ropes and swashbuckling around the boat, we all looked on thankfully. However, Summer had plenty of jobs to give out; Jenny was in charge of steering, lasse with the main sail, Tine and Mandy taking turns controlling the Spinnaker, myself with the important task of sitting at the front like a fat Kate Winslet to make the boat go faster and Fabian’s job was to curl up in a ball and be sick.
We all knew our roles and did them well.

InternChina – Qingdao Coast

Once we had whizzed around the bay a couple of times, annoyed a few professional sailors and riding some waves we felt it time to go back. Summer dropped the Spinnaker and the boat cruised slowly back to port, we were taking pictures of the sunset soaked horizon and generally relaxing on the way.
All in all it was a great trip, (nearly) everyone had a wonderful time and we couldn’t have been luckier with the weather… lets hope we can make sailing a regular InternChina event!

InternChina – Sailors


Traveling with a Chinese Tourist group

Crowded streets, closed supermarkets, long queues everywhere: National Holidays in China. One way to get out of it is to travel to one of the awesome countries around China.
Last week I went to Vietnam with 30 other people and a Chinese not English-speaking travel guide. Now I never want to hear something like ‘Organized Traveling is boring’ anymore.

InternChina – Our Lovely Travel Group

The trip started at Saturday night, in a sleeping bus, which drove us directly to DongXing. After walking behind the tour guide for about one hour, without any idea of why walking behind the not English-speaking tour guide, we crossed the border by foot.

InternChina – Vietnamese-Chinese Border

Till then the Chinese travelling started: we jumped into a bus and sat there for hours, taking pictures out of the window until we arrived in HaLong, a wonderful coastal city. Everything seemed to be relaxing so far: sitting at the beach, drinking beer on the streets and enjoy the atmosphere in Vietnam.

InternChina – Streetbeer in HaLong

But then the next morning came: bus, bus, bus, bus, picture break, bus, bus, bus, buy some Vietnamese outfits (just the foreigners of our lovely group) and then an awesome boat trip in LongWan.

InternChina – Without Words

After some more hours sitting in the bus, and a really great night in Hanoi we spend one more day in the bus to get back to HaLong, to make a boat trip which reminds everybody a little bit too much at the bus (which seemed to be understandable- all the Chinese people were sitting inside, looking out of the window instead of enjoying the air at the awesome sundeck).

InternChina – Boat Trip at the Sea

A few hours in the bus later we jumped out of the bus and ran after all the Chinese people and our travel guide because the Vietnamese-Chinese border was closing.

InternChina – Lao Ban

That was an exciting trip and the best possibility to learn something about the Chinese Culture without being in China.

InternChina – At the Island

Weekend Trips

Trip to Flying-Sand Beach

Joining life on an amazing beach, lying in the sun, doing a fabulous BBQ and sleeping directly at the awesome sea: that was the headline of the weekend for most of the InternChina interns.

InternChina – Beach

We arrived at the Flying-Sand-Beach in the early noon, with a lot of tents, everything that was needed to have a great dinner and probably a great breakfast, which unfortunately wasn’t there anymore next morning.

InternChina – Coast

After one whole day solely swimming, relaxing and arranging the tents, we had a typical Chinese Barbecue, directly on the beach, which we enjoyed for hours.

InternChina – Beach BBQ

To be honest, sleeping without air-conditioning in a tent was not the same as sleeping in a  five stars hotel. But waking up and seeing the sunrise over the sea and the mountains on a completely quiet beach was an absolutely awesome experience!

InternChina – Beach Camping

Thanks everybody for that incredible weekend!

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Hello Qingdao!

InternChina - Qingdao Team
InternChina – Qingdao Team

My name is Elin and I am a recent graduate from the University of Manchester. Home to a heck of a lot of rain, football (and must admit pretty damn good night life) I have enjoyed a solid four years studying. However this summer I wanted to do something a little bit different, get out there and get some hands on practical experience. What better place to start than China, home to a booming economy and infinite amount of opportunities. Having researched and checked out the market for internships, Intern China seemed to be the most logical and as it seems best choice in grabbing an internship in China. Not only did it offer the chance to work in pretty sweet environment in Qingdao (Sun, Sea, and Sand) but also offered the best prices across the market by far. This definitely ticked a few boxes!
In terms of the city itself Qingdao as far as I could remember this was the sort of beer that was pretty damn popular… usually accompanied by a chuanr串儿 (kebab on a stick) and a serious amount of dancing at a seedy Chinese bar. However beer as it seems is not the only thing that Qingdao has to offer. Never did I think that I would actually be sitting in an office overlooking a magnificent view of the yellow sea. Unlike other Chinese cities that I have been to Qingdao seems to be more of a chilled city that shares a more European climate and even more European or should I say old style German architecture. I have to say my first impression of Qingdao has been particularly positive. Who wouldn’t like a city where you can shop, eat, party and still have time to chill at the beach? Quite a contrast to living in a huge city like Beijing, Qingdao has a somewhat softer mentality, friendlier atmosphere that I would say any foreigner would feel genuinely welcome in. Starting my internship here at Intern China I have found that the support and encouragement from others has been brilliant, activities such as beach volleyball, round table exchange and general socialising makes it easier to meet other interns and to get to know others spread out across the city. In terms of host families I am living in a gorgeous apartment right on the sea front with a view of the mountains, the beach and of course the sea. It seems I have been lucky enough to get a decent view of the sea both from my bedroom window and my desk at work. Anything else I could wish for? Right now I’d say probably not.